Survey - What did you have at home what has a high emotional value for you?

2021-09-04 00:01:17 TAMI

Hello and good evening

Do you have something for you for you at home, what you would never give away because it has a high emotional value?

It can only be done with yes or no Answers, but it would be nice if you could say what that is and what it means for you: 3


Other Answer Choose 39%

An old toy choose 24%

A gift from someone special choose 18%

A car choose 6%

Old love letters Choose 6%

A gem Choose 3%

Old Photos Choose 3%


I have the scarf and a chain of my deceased loves grandma. ❤ The chain wore her permanently, the scarf only rarely.

I have the onyx ring of my deceased closest girlfriend. With this ring, I met her even in 1991. Love among girlfriends at first sight. ❤

Personally consecrated objects of a friend, a peacock feather, which I had put on the tomb of my grandma and that I took to me again after one way.

I have a lot that means me a lot . I also have the flower wreath I wore when I scattered with my uncle and my aunt flowers. That's over 40 years ago (I just did not want to throw the beautiful flowers on the floor and had to be underroested with laborious. ☺).


I've been able to write the name 'Music' everything from the stones. Cleans of it is also materially valuable .... most of it is only worth something for me.The starts with my first delicate try texts of the stones to translate and write down, all of course by hand.Damal, however, I could not or hardly English.Aso everything with dictionary translated word for word. I have eg, for example a CD, with a cartoon of the stones. The clou is, the CD looks like a big star with specks around. Can not you play nowhere .... Unbelievable. ^^ Well, like that too .... For many things, of course feelings and memories also play a role. If necessary, the thing that I would never separate myself from any piece.


I have a BMW E46 330ci Cabrio, year 06/2005, in the Edition exclusive, switch, with full equipment.

Exterior color black, black leather seats and Brushed as an interior aluminum matt.

Before I would sell this vehicle, I would rather sell my whole jewelry etc.

My husband has made me this car 13 years ago, from 1st hand Used, bought.

We flew extra to Berlin and got my baby to Munich, home to the home,

My convertible was built in Regensburg,

This convertible is in my single garage and on this car hangs my whole heart.


Things I do not give a great value, but my friends or my FAmil would never give up, I'm very safe. Otherwise, my phone is what I need daily. I also have a pen that means me a lot because of a person ... but not more.


My pets. ;)
I would have to call something material, it would be the plush toy I received from my partner. :)

Survey - What did you have at home what has a high emotional value for you?