What to do against Horny at school?

2021-09-04 01:02:47 MATTIE

I'm W17 now have a lot of courses in the new school years alone where I have no seatbank or can not talk to that and then I'm always boring and I'm totally Horny and get any fantasies. Often also with people who are also in the course and I know from my old class or friends of friends are from me. I'm really embarrassing, but do not know what I can do. Is that normal? And how can I prevent that?


That is not unusual in your age, as such thoughts come up more often. But during the course you should actually talk about anyone with anyone but actually follow the lessons. But of course, I also understand that you can not always be 100% in the matter. Challenge hobbies that demand and distract you in your free time, which will help you (more and more often) to come to other thoughts ...


Concentrate on teaching or clear, When the thoughts hike. Much more does not work.


More than trying to focus on teaching you can not do there. Just wait and hope that it ends sometime, lies probablyCh at puberty :)


Let the river simply flow.

No stress enjoy what it gives to enjoy.

Peace you.


briefly disappear to the school toilet: P

What to do against Horny at school?