What do with people who can not maintain reasonable conversation?

2021-09-04 01:08:43 KRISTIE

Hey Dear Communtiy ^^

The question is above. Have you already experienced something like that? You wanted to go deeper and lead longer conversations. You really tried. However, this person does not seem to be able to be able to do. It feels like to talk past each other. A strange feeling. A conversation does not take place (Kennellerphase).

I wonder what it is.

I know that and it bothers me very choose 50%

I know it, but it does not bother me choose 21%

other ... Choose 21%

I'm not sure choose 7%

I do not know that CHoose 0%


Yes, there are people to find no verbal access.

That does not even have to go to profound conversations. You just only carry people with people who know. Or you can get to know someone by chance and automatically get into a conversation with him. So in both cases no need at all.

When else does one come into conversation with someone and notes only when chatting, that one actually only seems to each other? For example, for example: these are moments that I do not like. But there you talk a few bars non-binding stuff (SmallTalk) and then says goodbye to the toilet with the famous gear or so that you would like to snatch something fresh air. - IM train sometimes smashed a fellow traveler. Occasionally this is entertaining. But often it is such a sond that I then approach the way to the on-board bistro. - In the plane you can not dodge. Only apparent fatigue helps. Then, of course, you have to close the eyes and just hope that the dear seat neighbor does not get started right back as soon as you dare to "awaken" again.

What you write there from an introductory phase, that never came with me and does not occur with me. For an introductory phase is only with someone who is interested, i. With someone with which you have already experience that you can be on a wavelength and can talk fantastic. I do not want to get to know anyone with whom I gar can not communicate.

Oh, I wanted to tap "other".


I am a person with which it is very difficult, especially in the kennel phase, deep and long talks about my social Fears, it usually never has something with disinterest, but just talking to the fear.


If it should be friends or goods if they have been a durability date in my case.

There are people, there are superficial swabs, but that's then No people who are close to me.

Last year, however, have a long-term friendship falling asleep, because among others This type of conversation was not possible and has brought me this contact nothing more.


I know that quite, but it does not bother me insofar as it helps me to realize immediately that we are not on the same wavelength.

I prefer to quickly turn out something like that

(sorry, again inyping in the selection)


However, it does not bother me otherwise But to me. I'm often just such a: - /

What do with people who can not maintain reasonable conversation?