Who is Ben-Luca Kowal?

2021-09-04 01:09:56 JOHANNA

Hello, I wanted to ask if a Ben Luca Kowal knows and if yes where. He appears on advertising posters in the US and is proposed to me on snapchat everywhere. On Instagram you will find it under benluca.k and on snapchat at benluca.k1. Would be cool if one tells me who is that. But that he is known I know only I want to know where.


Moin Sabrina.

Ben-Luca Kowal is an influenza with just under 750,000 followers on the platform Snapchat. He is model and companies can select a picture from a tab full of different models. Benluca.k also has a cooperation with Tommy Hilfiger Red Bull and many other companies.

He himself comes from Rhineland-Palatinate is 17 years old, still goes to school and later studying medicine. So his own words in a story of 05. August 2021

Benluca.k or Ben Luca Kowal has strong contact with Simon (unplayed), Sebastian (Rewinside) and so on. If you follow one of them, it is possible that he will suggest you. The internet is smart.

Greetings from Berlin

Who is Ben-Luca Kowal?