Learn synthesizing, but how?

2021-09-04 03:02:27 PRESTON


wanted to know about you if you may have tips as you can best learn synthetic or sound design for EDM music.
Especially for lead sounds, it would be really cool to know how to make the possibly yourself and whether your tips and or pages knows which can bring about this topic.

I'm looking forward to helpful answers


TU This: Search online for a sound design tutorial that uses a synthesizer you have existing. Be it something in Reason, Ableton, etc. I personally find Absynth great to learn sound design.

In any case, All Synthesizer Schonmal Amplitude, Filter and Modulation Envelopes, LFOs, Waveform layering and creative use of modulation sources / goals. In addition, they use waveform, FM synthesis and other synthetic techniques.

After you have familiarized yourself with the basics of synthesizing, you understand when opening a patch, as the sound was created and how it can be optimized. I never use an ASYNTH patch out of the box. I always want specific envelope propertiesn, Specific Timbre and I take care until I get it. Just as I turn the regulators of a guitar amplifier. Who would connect an amplifier and just hold it on a preset? Guitarists are Tweak Fanatics! So take the same mentality into synthesizing.

After a while you start to think about the synth tone. Just as a guitarist thinks "I want more center gain" and then turn on the buttons, maybe you think in the EDM world: "Ok, I want a more glitched FM synthesis sound here" and then it goes into the waveform modulation settings And you make it possible.

Have fun!


Better is not:

https://www.syntorial.com /

Learn synthesizing, but how?