Social worker denies corona?

2021-09-04 04:03:55 MARIANNE

Hello, so my social worker told me that the vaccine does not bring anything and that more or equally many vaccinated as unvacaked are in the hospitals. She would also have claimed that all the time intensive beds were mined, so a scarcity prevails and then you can impose a lockdown. She is not vaccinated, I have not mentioned her yet.

should you report something like that?


She told the children.


Yes, you should definitely report this hostile-negative person immediately, most in writing:

Ministry of State Security
Normanstraße 20-22
1130 East Berlin


The current occupancy and the proportion of Covid-19 cases

The time series, individual federal states are extractable

https: // www / # / Current position / time series

Here you can also understand the degradation of inteseless beds.

This was officially first of the Robert Koch Institut in the Janur 2021 found and from the Federal Court of April in April 2021 Best

In the core, in several hospitals, the degradation of the intesive beds from about October 2020 was therefore to be carried, as from that date the Hospital Financial Council law granted any hospitals state subsidies which have a utilization of over 75% of the intensive care beds.

In order to enjoy the subsidies, the free intensive care beds were artificially capped, which ultimately is subsidy fraud.

What do you want to report?


The aunt does not have all the cups in the closet!

Please report immediately!

This is banned to tell such a trash ... and then also children!

Hopefully the a warning gets!


You can use ITalking again?

is the testable what she says?

(C) Ouchii



That's just a Sokenschuss, the main thing you get what you need



Social worker denies corona?