Normal or do I imagine it?

2021-09-04 09:02:33 DAISY


I started a few days ago with my education ago and she is close to my friend's education, which is why we meet every break. An old girlfriend from him from school happened to start her education in the same company. My first impression of her was that she is really nice and she knows that we are together and more I do not know I do not know her. She knows no out of the company except my friend, which is why she comes with any break with my friend coming to me during the break, and since I do not know her only with my friend and then I see so saw alone there I feel ignored because the two ZSM talk a lot and I just listen to or look through the area. HeEven a bit with me but most of the time rather the two, I think so that they should simply spend the pause right in the operation. I would like to be a bit with him alone, as we work from Monday to Friday and then only see us on Saturday only for a few hours, but I can not say that because she is new and not in operation and so Assi I am Then not, I also meant to my friend when he asked me if that botheres me because he can not for it because she always waits for him when the pause begins. When she was with us, she had directed her bra next to my friend and blew himself in front of him, so you saw your neckline right, which of course disturbed me inwardly, but I said nothing. In the BETool, with which the two make the training, think their colleagues also that what's going on between them because they are open to each other. I think that they are only friends and I trust him anyway so it has nothing to do it sometimes botheres me anyway I do not know if the stupid sounds, but yes.

Do you think I think Make me unnecessary thoughts?

Thank you in advance


I believe that your friend is honest with you. At least your description of him makes the impression that you do not need to worry.

However, I can understand your feelings and I would also bother me if an old girlfriend out of nothing appears and the friend stressed alone. Especially when she knows about the relationship. Is somehow ruthless.

Your friend should set your limits and tell you that he would like to spend the time in the break also with his girlfriend.

Normal or do I imagine it?