I do not trust me, someone promise that I choose the AFD?

2021-09-04 09:05:30 LYNDA

I usually always say, "I do not choose" or "watch" if someone asks me. To the AFD Brotherhood, how does you tell your classmates, colleagues, etc?


Why should not you trust that? If you have good arguments for your choice and you therefore have problems with others, I would generally avoid these people. If you have no (which suggests), I would rethink the decision again


I would choose the party in your place then you can say what you choose. It's just good.

Otherwise there is electoral secrecy, extra for such reasons you are guilty of anyone.


You do not have to tell anyone! You can call yourself on the electoral secrecy.

Even if I find the AFD very bad and you would never choose.


Yes and you know exactly why. The AFD ISt No alternative, it splits, unsettled and destabilizes.


I was long ago.

But since n 'few years I do not care.

I live in AT but the problem is similar.

Although I have said again and again that I choose the FPÖ but I was really convinced. That lasted for a long time. Very long. Then our Basti came and I had a new hope.

That was also destroyed. OK. But there Corona has cooked. And out of the lock no chancellor comes out.

So if you change elections on Sunday I would not know who I choose.

Sometimes I envy, as actually politically uninterested, you Germans already about your wide party landscape.

for MI (in AT) are the Greens and the red anyway under all sow and before the my voice gets I choose invalid.

But FPÖ? No, unfortunately, the right soot of society collects (where else) and you can not do anything about it. I'm politically right now but that is unfortunately too extreme. You have long my voice get part of frustration, partly from a lack of alternative.

I really thought that is better with short.

So now again status quo.

I always say something is.

or I never sold myself to choose the FPÖ.

I do not trust me, someone promise that I choose the AFD?