Teacher says, "I hate all of you!"?

2021-09-04 12:03:08 TRICIA


My teacher has today in the classroom after a discussion "I hate all of you!" Said. In very loud and angry tone. We were very shocked.

We often contradicted her why it came to discussion. The motzt and always screams. It's full of aggression problems.

What would you think about such a teacher? What would you make as a student if your teacher would say something with the prehistory?



If she said so, then she was at least sincere.

However, it is unfavorable if a teacher actually hates its students. Then the school management should think about whether she recommends a therapy or put it off right where it is better off. However, this does not work without also checking if the students may be hateful because that could relatinate the matter.


This statement should not happen, but we do not know what You are for a class and how you annoy your teacher. In innocent you are not at the sentence with certainty. Maybe she has a guilty conscience that she has told you and apologizes MoRgen with you and the sentence, you slip out in the discussion, as you have irritated them so.

Nevertheless, it does not give her right to tell you to you.


goes to the trust teacher or just to the class teacher. The teacher must not leave your aggression to you, that's the wrong behavior. Thus overreading is not okay, and simply improper and unfair to the students.

Especially if that is not meant in fun.

If you continue to behave like this. Take a career change in consideration. Maybe she also understands that, above all, as a teacher is not allowed to say something like that.

Oh man, my condolences, real. Such teachers must be super etching.


ICH would have found it better in the 8th or 9th grade or so a German teacher to have had told us that she hates us all instead that she has thrown an open scissor and another time a hard big eraser towards a classmate .

The scissors hit the wall at that time and a small hole ... The eraser went into the face of a classmate.


I would not think about it Is not your task. It seems to be overwhelmed, which is no one of the circumstances of the past 1.5 years to no one. You certainly have a class spokesman who should discuss this with the school management and / or the trust teacher. As a class, you should stay friendly and fair,But also determined and communicate your limits.

Teacher says,