Did you never feel like school?

2021-09-04 22:02:04 TAYLOR

I do not want to make a training, it was extremely stupid for me to suspend these 10 compulsory years (Realschule). Most of the 6th grade substance can not affect angle, formulas, radius, area, diameter, etc. Namely stands on various websites, which was then taken. And you do not need that anyway.

Already almost 22 years. I hate to sit on a stupid chair, no money to get, not the freedom have to get up and running, not eat and drink. Listen to the teacher stupid and boring topics.


With me it is so that I have already chosen an interesting future profession from the outset and I will work on it. By the way, I also earn money and do things that make me fun too. It also makes more fun when you come with the fabric.


Of course you had no desire for school, but is better than making the servant for fucking money.

And I'm Ü40 and still knows angles and circles and can calculate that too.

And I need that too.

For example, my wife bought a 2800 watt pump for our pool of 5.40 diameter and 1m height and asks me how long it needs until the pool is warm.

And then you expect an answer because you to meI want to see.

Women want to look at men, nobody looks at an idiot.


Try a lending company. Please inquire about any company near you before.

My sister has no education through a learning weakness because she has not allowed anyone and himself told the work office behind to watch it would be too stupid anyway. So she started in a rental company and now works after a year fixed in a globally recognized company. She was taken over and has a two temporary contract.

Something can be different. Sometimes you will be pushed from company to company, depending on when you are used where, but you could try that as a completely unknown peopleEN. If you are doing well, hardworking and have a good job of work, then you can get work without training.

It is no guarantee that all this works so and everything is going as I'm telling it, but it could be an attempt. If you come in ne factory and serve a machine should be on which you have to print two buttons, yes that can be any. There are also other jobs that are honestly learning.



I enjoy school time. The stressful (conversion / exam) phases sometimes brought me close to my border, especially since I should have stayed in therapy, but apart from that, I'm pretty satisfied there.


I like to go to school. MostFan also fun. I'm already in the 9th grade, only 5 years old. The offense as in flight.

Did you never feel like school?