I would like to find true love?

2021-09-05 01:04:37 BRETT

I'm 24 and have no luck in love. But I do not want any girlfriend, but really a woman who is fully in love with me. Is there anything else at all. I see most girls and I do not like them. I just want a woman for whole life, one knows me well. How do you get something like that? I feel totally isolated, the last 10 years has changed in my life and I do not like my parents at all. Actually, I do not like anyone right now.


I think you first have to "screw down" your expectations of your dream woman.

In your age is the appearance for the majority of the "seekers", the external, the most important.

The older you will, the more you will notice how important inner values ​​are.


Change your attitude and negative attitude.

Maybe ... pushes the women away .. You have metwhile since then?

Or..The entitlement is too high.man always wishes that a partnership holds longer / long..Ber..es often passes much and sometimes .. developed apart.

Try your relationship with yours Parents to improve and make a motivational course with..or Taichi or SOwas Trying out..ViLicht you that will help you out of your negative mood low ..so I read it?


In fact, there is nothing for something like that. You have to wait quasi until it comes. I'm also in the love of my life only awarded the person only wants a friendship (for 3 years). In the end, you can only wait that you come one day.


Oh, now the other people are guilty again,

  • Because you do not want women please and you do not know enough you are guilty
  • Because 10 years nothing happened, then the time is guilty
  • Because you do not like your parents, they are guilty
  • Because you do not like anyone, they are guilty

WEYou do not come out of your comfort zone and does not stop you how to perform a sacrifice, everything will stay as it is. So:

It's your life, do not take it in the hand and do not rum!


That's the problem. You should start to like yourself, then the rest will follow.

I would like to find true love?