First date - no conversation topic?

2021-09-05 06:03:06 TRACEY

Have a date tomorrow, but what if you somehow have nothing to say. What would you do in such a situation?


If I had nothing to say, everything was discussed and I started with the "handicaries"; -)

Seriously: You still have enough time to get you Alternative topics.

Say over the immortality of the Maikeefers or over alcoholic beer for alcoholic. Very interesting things that put every conversation partner in muekig and have a reason to go home; -)

Good night


Ohh, that can happen But you can talk about everything that is really all hobbies, family, eating and talking about the food, and and and .... If it happens then then Pack conversation topics about the future of what you want to achieve or he or just you ask directly if you eat somethingwant. Do not worry everything will be fine. Good luck!


Sometimes (with the right person!) Can some silence be quite pleasant. If this is not the case: Honesty lasts the longest. Say that you think that it does not quite fits between you and finish the date prematurely. This often often feels the same when you have nothing to say.


Before such a situation, I am also scared: C

Will then stop unpleasant silence


talk about sports and so and if it is quiet Net uncomfortable it is actually just that you feel well

First date - no conversation topic?