Could Angela Merkel extend her term of office again?

2021-09-05 07:03:15 ROOSEVELT

I ask myself in the face of the upcoming general election.

I think it's a pity that she leaves the stage.

No Choose 59%

Yes Choose 41%


If it would be chosen in the Bundestag - what would be to be assumed, then set up to Chancellor's candidates and then chosen them, then yes.

There is no limit to this office in Germany, different from other countries.


could theoretically yes , if they were set up as a candidate (in).

But she is not, as practical it can not

If the government formation complicates after the election, however, it will remain commisan a few weeks / months in office


Merkel does not occur again, but lashed.

However, however, their term as a commissionan Chancellor VERToders.

Based on the current surveys, a government formation is designed after the election is difficult.

I even think it is conceivable, which will take place in the spring of 2022 new elections, but please with Söder as a Union candidate, so that the Union can coalize with 30% plus x with the FDP.

Bundestag election: "Angela Merkel is still Chancellor for Christmas»

Alwin Schröder 2 days ago
After the election the horror red-red-green, a traffic light or another alliance? The left faction leader counts with long coalition negotiations - and therefore a late change in the Chancellery. Still Chancellor% C2% BB / AR-Aanyuid? Li = BBQG6Q9


It can do it as long as she wants ,


It is not nominated as top candidate.

Could Angela Merkel extend her term of office again?