Should one delay the orgasm or as fast as it's the "best"?

2021-09-05 12:06:25 JUAN

I'm still pretty inexperienced and have bounded my friend twice so far. The problem is that I never knows exactly how to initiate it and what exactly what I should do. I somehow do so much hectic and then he comes very fast. Should I rather try to delay somehow and play with him so that he has more fun in the matter (if yes like?) Or is the faster he comes the better?


You could not only make your mouth "up and down", but breaks by clipping his glans with the tongue and slick the shaft. And the eggs included. Then he will enjoy it even more and for you it will not be too exhausting.


Do what makes you fun and watch something. He will certainly tell you what he wants. If you are, and that's exactly what you do, he will be amazed at some point. Just go on. Learning at Doing.


Ask just what he likes. Will you already get it. Good luck


Do that you have fun with it.

Should one delay the orgasm or as fast as it's the