Girlfriend screams with sex?

2021-09-05 18:01:47 SHARON


Previous: I know that sounds, as if it is not true, but please take the time to read everything.

I (m / 16) have the problem That my girlfriend (W / 17) is very loud during sex.
Many are now saying that this is totally horny and envy.
It's not that way it would not excite me, but what she does, you can almost no longer call moaning. She really screams. Of course she does not always do that, but we also let us take some time and then ring me really the ears ...

We have to be really careful, where and when we sleep with each other, because otherwise we speak literally the whole district CONTINUE.

Do you have an idea how I could appeal to it? IIf she does not want to hurt and it's nice, if she likes her, but that honestly also spoils me a little bit of fun because I have less desire for sex because of the volume.

I look forward to Constructive answers!



Simply free out.

It's best to embassize with a one of I embassy.

So not: You chokes so loud, that annoys.

but rather: that you scream so loud, I hurt my ears and I think it's unpleasant if half the quarter knows it.


You should be simple Honestly to her. It does not bring anything that continues to conceal - you tell yourself that you are already taking the desire for sex and that's not possible.

Try to find a quiet minute and be honest with her. She will certainly understand it if you explain yourself and not just say it bothers you.


Talk to it directly. Maybe she has totally wrongImagines and says that this belongs to sex.


The little one probably saw too many porn.

I also had a person in the neighborhood, which has saw so disgusting loudly as if she was slaughtered! In the middle of the night, one was even torn out of sleep, so loud was the ...


Enjoy it when she has to take back to her. Otherwise, ask her if she plays it or it is involuntarily

Girlfriend screams with sex?