Escort threatens police?

2021-09-05 21:02:07 GUADALUPE

Hello everybody,

I have happened a bit stupid last weekend.
I was celebrating with buddies in Dortmund and then started on the way home with one of contact. She said then yes we can meet blabla 150 the hour. We had then had made us to meet us in a park and she said then she would be there I did not see her, but then did not wrote a few times where we are not met because I did not see her. Then I'm home and she then wrote me whatsapp what that should and that she has passed on my number and I would get mail from police and tax office. My question now: Do you think she is really to the police and if so what could I expect me? From feeling she wanted toRather try that I come again that she still gets the 150. I am not sure though. The effort for you would be pretty high because of "only" 150 euros. How long would that last until I would hear something there?
What she wants to do with the tax office.

Thank you for your answers,



Well - Your chat course should prove in case of doubt that you tried to meet you with her. So you should not delete that.

If it did not work, then it should be difficult to prove that you are to blame.

Apart from that, there will be no sexworker anyway Time and energy wasten on this will bring such a case to the display. Not at all for 150 euros, because the effort would cost more time than you could win (it can require a maximum of the lost GAGE).

It is probably frustrated because it may be more likely to be more likely was transferred and wanted to avenge yourself (representative of the clientele from which she is disappointed)...

So I would be completely calmed ...

Apart from that you should make future excursions in the PaySex better in a beautiful sauna or nudist club - there you have no problems to find the girls (in large clubs often stay over 100 in it ...) And you can get to know them in peace, which is more difficult at night in the dark park ...

See you in Puff!

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The "lady" has probably gotten a bit high. That you want to turn on the police is still trying to understand - albeit the wrong address. But what she wants to tell the tax office remains a secret forever.


She had another and that has come safe.


Empty threat. Even guilt if she does not specify a precise meeting place.


There is nothing.

Escort threatens police?