What should I do if my father beats me?

2021-09-05 22:06:49 SUSAN

So my father beats me Already I'm 10 or younger it started with a light kick but now it has become really bad (Bin 14) It is also part of it, pulling on the hair and hit with the fist (too Face) And he has just made it again so he forces me to go into the basement with him and there to "learn" but always if I do something wrong say he suggests me or says something like me right into the face and he It makes it because of little things and does not know why always in the basement so I believe that no one hears me. I'm afraid and I do not know how I should act I was already with my class teacher and I told her and she has spoken with my mom and my mother mSave that I have put on but that she just said because she was afraid of him but my teacher has said that she believes me and ordered the youth welfare office to talk to myself to talk to me and they said I can call a number against grief or police But I do not know if this is such a good idea


But, I would put an ultimatum of your father: "If you do not stop immediately, I go to the youth welfare office." And if he still beats you, then you go there.


Say it exactly so honestly the youth welfare office and that you want to go there into a boarding school, for example Example varenholz boarding school where I was earlier and that can also pay for the youth welfare office for you or that you want to go to a youth apartment. You are very endangered there and that will not continue. You can visit, if you want it on the weekends either every week or even every 14 days your parents or please make sure you feel out there into a foster family or both together, in the week boarding schoolAnd at the WE the foster family and so it wat it at that time.


Weir you, tell him your opinion that you find the sch ... what he does and that he has no right to beat you and / or call the police or indicate it.

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https://www.diakonie-michaelshoven.de/enchen/Menschen-krisen/ Woman-in-crisis situations / protection and living

Go out to the police and tell everything and say that you would like to talk to a woman Poliziist there and you would like to get you out immediately and in Bring a children's home or bring it into a women's house. The father has to get an approximation of prohibition from the police that he can not approach you anymore. And you ratute display WG. kBody injury and threat, coercion and freedom of liberty in the basement.


Number against grief and police Both very well You must be there in any case

What should I do if my father beats me?