Do you need sex?

2021-09-05 23:01:42 BYRON

I always hear from people how much they need sex, and they could not live without a life. And I think that's very strange as a Christian.

Because, I have not been redeemed by these desires and feelings. I did not have a penetration for sex. Maybe I want a woman sooner or later, but I would only have sex for reproduction, after marriage, more than duty than fun.

But celibacy is good for me.

Why is it so difficult to do without sex? Is the love of God not better? What's so special about sex?


Since then, since I am redeemed

of what kind of books?

more than duty than fun.

Do you actually believe that God had created sexuality as a 'compulsory subject'? She also likes to be as a means for the purpose, namely reproductive, but then if it had been intended only for this purpose, sexuality could have been limited to certain 'rutting times' ...

The Sexuality is the highest human form of ecstasy, expressed in the compound of two lovers in an act ...

This is the goal of sexuality!

But celibacy is also good for me.

Then go to a monastery!

Why is it so difficult to do without sex?

Because it set one of GodHe is the natural drive, which God had set in the creation of man in these!

or do you think about, God made something without meaning and meaningless?

Is the love of God not better?

Sex is a gift of God - from his love to us people ...

Greeting Fantho


In the evolution of all living beings over all the billions of years Finally, it was just one thing - reproduction. Getting your own way is an instinct that is so deep in all living things that we have no choice in principle - we have to do it.


Ask that better the priests in the Catholic Church that passes on to children. ;) Does not seem to be so far from faith.

ButTime very seriously ... If you enjoy celibacy, Bittschön! But others necessarily want to convert, but then do not allow any other opinions, is already a pretty stigma that has Christianity. But fortunately not all Christians are like that, but much eastern and tolerant.

Nice to the topic: Sex is not just self-preservation drive or reproduction. Sex is especially good for the psyche / soul. And many include the basic needs of man.

And before you ask: I'm Buddhist and followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghettimonsenster.


You can do without query. But many do not work as they may not want it. With God's help, however, are allThings possible.

A blessed evening;)



Is the love of God not better?

You see That wrong. Sex is a gift of God's and expression of his love !!

And then it always depends on the individual sexual drive at which is very different

There are even asexual people and they will see everything differently and also argue differently

Beautiful Sunday

Do you need sex?