2021-09-06 02:04:58 BARRY

One should build muscles no longer want to make endurance training than 4 times a week?


Hello Ahuan!

It's not that easy - but:. Force this combination is ideal for health and complex fitness. Is unfortunately rarely. Then the powerhouse is that the bag of the girlfriend can not carry due to lack of condition without break in the 6th floor or the endurance framework that the bag can not last. But you have to know that there is contrary effects and that starts with the muscle building.

In short, one distinguishes two types of muscle fibers: the white and the red muscle fibers. Both types are wearing and optimal for different activities. A world class - sprinter or power sportsman has about 90% white muscle fibers, marathoni similar in red. Roughly speaking: white = speed, red = stamina.

It is now simply individually as you want the mixture of force and audiences

So comes to the personal goal

Good luck


If you want to increase and build muscle, you do not do any endurance training