Is there an exaggerated alcohol consumption?

2021-09-06 02:06:59 EARNEST

4 people go to the Greek food. It is the first time after almost 1.5 years.

A 2-hour meeting in the course of which was drunk:

person 1 + 2 drank each 2x 400 ml Pils

Person 3 drank 2x 200 ml Pils

person 4 drank 2x 200 ml of aperic spray and 200 ml of rosé.

The next day was discussed that person 4 had a lot to drink.

Your opinion?

Normal for such an evening Choose 67%

That was not much, compared to the other choose 22%

That was very Much choose 11%

It was not exactly little, but still ok Choose 0%


That was not much in my view and is totally harmless - especially as Aperol Spritz and Rosé completely different collar widths than two large pils or two small pils.

The CRUX is in my view that the beer enjoyment is more accepted than I tell "German cultural asset" -----> and that possibly high-priced spirits that are not commonplace (that already starts When wine or champagne) considered to be blownish and dubious or as a "boiling".

Only for info: exaggerated alcohol consumption is something here or two habit beer in the work, without the self-proclaimed "hero of work" can not think clearly and only Rumwinselt ...

... but certainly noneTwo Aperol Spritz plus rosé with such an occasion, which is not constantly repeated. You have to pull a very clear limit. My wife and I were in July with my uncle and my Mam in a bistro and there you also drank the celebration of the day Aperol spray with champagne ^ ^ My Mam even had two because she tasted so good. Nobody would have come up with the idea to call them as a runner ------> It may be on the milieu, which is simply curious or where everyone always has something to complain about.

But still something general: While A "normal German beer drinker who is allowed to drink the beer and has earned themselves as a hero of work also three, is" (typical argumentation), a champagne or aperic drinker is considered dubious and if it's DAnn possibly is still a woman, the argumentations become even ugly and challenge.


There are medically only the pathological consumption and the dependency syndrome, which describe alcohol abuse. These statements or quantities are not sufficient for a clear statement.


And when do people start drinking?

For a visit to the Greek is nothing. Otherwise, this is anything but extraordinary.


is fully normal that you drink more. I find it sad that the next day will be talked about, just because someone drinks more.


Absolutely in the frame.

Is there an exaggerated alcohol consumption?