Do you have Tiktok?

2021-09-06 04:04:45 MARY

Do you have it?

No, I do not need. Choose 56%

Yes, I have. CHOOSE 37%

No more choose 7%

Soon Choose 0%


Privacy is completely catastrophic at Tiktok. In addition, the principle of the platform has no benefit for me. If I need information, I'm looking for serious pages.


I have, most of the time I spend to 90% in the comments anyway. Dispute, etc. is fun there.


I am a "Spunhahhhh"

Comedy on TT is top.

But these musicals nerves so hard . So these videos where they just move their lips to a sound or where they are just dancing. Really stupid.


So alone because of privacy I do not use the service anymore

The videos are still pretty uncomfortable there.


No. Tiktok Hat me too much scrap. And the good Tiktoks, then end up sometime in my Youtube shorts (unfortunately sometimes the bad ones).

Do you have Tiktok?