After the online disgust?

2021-09-06 04:06:51 JO


I'm M17 and always ask me what that is.

Always if I have on-stopped I feel a disgust on what I have on-stopped and simultaneously feel something mourning.

I always think, why ... What did I do? "I mean seriously, I'll get guilty of guilt.

Is that normal, I have to worry about what Not XD?


Yes, I can also confirm that it is normal. It is located after the org in a completely different world. You can not understand your feelings and ideas that you have previously had. You could or can then often fall asleep well.

But it does not take too long and it will be back! Then you are again "the old". Understandable that under these circumstances it wants to delay it as long as possible.


Hello Pace,

After ejaculation, the prostate is no freezer and must be filled slowly with sperm. In the sense of reproduction, nature then says that everyone would immediately waste the following orgasm of energy waste. Therefore, she takes the lust for the penis.

But to get no discrepancy, she also takes you in your head for a time the lust.

That's the case with every man.


That has many. I do not, with me that's rather so that I sometimes ask myself: why on that? But not that I get guilt now or yes something normal. But couple friends also have that as you describe that.


Many I have (if not almost everyone)


HAB me too. Have many. I always think "Why again" or "Why am I just so" etc

After the online disgust?