Why is honesty challenged by many and then not accepted?

2021-09-06 06:02:45 TAYLOR

What is your opinion?!


Honesty is usually accepted. Only the kind as it is said is not necessarily.

A friend of mine always tells her opinion on a very respectful, polite and constructive way. In the end, the opposite is always accepted, even if it is a ugly truth.

Another girlfriend It says completely bluntly without paying attention to the feelings of the person, at very radical honest nature, which is already bordering in impudence. There you are angry and reacts very rarely positively.

Both say in the end exactly the same. The reactions are completely contradictory.


People want to honestly hear that everything is good. You do not want to hear honest criticism.

Man KANN by formulation and expression often achieve that an honest, negative statement is accepted as long as there is a minimum of criticism. But it has quite the reason why white lies exist.


Because the people who expect honesty to expect to accept this then not to accept in truth no honesty ...

A: "Is the garment ? "

* NOTE: The garment is not at least a from B at all. *

B1:" Yes, looks great. * Imaginary Kotzgerausche * "

A1: "Good."

B2: "No, with the part you look like a parody of all textile-bearing persons."

A2: "You ass! Tell me that to me that is! "

Why is honesty challenged by many and then not accepted?