Why do I just cry?

2021-09-06 10:01:29 EVA

I just stare for the ceiling and start crying immediately. I have a lot of often often. I do not really know where that comes from. Especially at night it is the worst. I can not really believe in words like everything feels in it. It's all empty.


Go to a psychologist, but Net must be a depression. I think you are in the puper because I think I'm normal from time to time


Do not let yourself be persuaded that you had mental damage or so.

Everyone has up and downs in life. Sometimes you no longer have a buck on anything and would like to be in bed all day, without real reason. Just as a woman is normal because women are still emotional.

So do not worry about it and do not think you have depression or other. Otherwise everything will only worse because you have a shit for you.

Why do I just cry?