How do you find that "Team Todenhöfer, the Justice Party" at an INSE survey 9 pe

2021-09-06 10:02:05 VIOLET


10000 people were interviewed.




Insa- Opinion survey: Team Todenhöfer is up to 9 percent. Every third, who knows Team Todenhöfer, can basically imagine TT.
The prestigious opinion research institute INSA has carried out a representative survey on the general election from 16.08.-23.08.2021. 10,000 voters were interviewed.
1.) Thereafter, 9% of the eligible interviewees can basically imagine choosing the federal election with the second part "Team Todenhöfer". And although at the time of survey only 30% of respondents from the participation of the new party "Team Todenhöfer" in the general election knew.
This means that every third, the "Team Todenhöfer" knows, can basically imagine choose them. With a degree of awareness of 100 percent, this would be one third of the German voters!
but respect: that voters can be "basically imagined", TT does not mean that they have definitely decided that. It is said that they are open for a vote for TT because they find the party well. But the party must first "pick up". By personal speech, through honest arguments and by a dedicated election campaign. TT must be visible and successfully promoting its potential voters, by road election campaign and also by posters. The party must show that they are the consent of their potential voters. And herselfIt takes time. The voters want to be swallowed and conquered.


This has not been a relevant survey. Team Toyshöfer has absolutely no chance to overcome the five percent hurdle.


You could give a link to the survey, in the latest ones I just knew the small students have just got 7% ​​together.

And so I do not know the party for 5 minutes, if it's true what you say I do not make it great as many parties represented in the Bundestag What makes everything more complicated.


But that is probably not representativee survey.




No idea where you have these numbers, from Insa definitely not.

How do you find that