How do you get lots of massive fruit flies best?

2021-09-06 13:02:07 JOYCE

Inadvertently I have overlooked a peach in my waste bag (located in the bathroom), who already started the shimmin. Since then, hundreds of hundreds are frolic in my small bathroom (!!!!!) MIGHT MANY FRUIT. I have opened the window wide, even at night. without success. Alleged miracle augers such as vinegar or suture in a mug also bring nothing (number of soaked flies are minimal !!!). What can I do ???


The best thing there have been, I have been using great success for years:

A well-tried medium against fruit fly: the bowl or shot glass with commercial vinegar, mixed with a sip of water or either sweet apple juice or apple cider vinegar. So that the fly fall is also effective, you should add a splash of detergent. It ensures that the surface tension of the water is destroyed.


Fruit flying life does not live long.

Something waits, which is then from alone.


I have the best success with the following trick:

A high, slender glass MIT slightly beer, wine or apple juice diluted and cut a spout matching.

From a sheet of paper form a cone and fix / glue the mold with tesa. If necessary, cut the tip of the spout with the scissors about 1 cm hole and cut the supernatant up to the top.

So that the grommet is well placed on the glass, I put a spoon across about it.


Insect Spray, but normal are the way after 1 week.


A vacuum cleaner can cause miracles. When the bathroom is small, so better, there is no escape.

How do you get lots of massive fruit flies best?