Is it colorful when I vaccinate though I smoke?

2021-09-06 13:08:23 JIMMY

Bin 13


Smoking is more dangerous than the vaccine, which increases the risk of severe history.


1. Smoking does not increase the risk of side effects in vaccination

2. However, smoking very well increases the risk of a serious course of infection with COVID-19

3. At the age of 13, you should not smoke.


When asking for vaccination please contact the doctor and for your smoker problem I would definitely talk to your parent or guardian in your place


No. You even benefit from the vaccine because your lung impersed by smoking would respond particularly sensitive to a coronain infection, so better iCross.


You smoke with 13 and the vaccine makes you care? Uff. No, smoking and vaccination is not a problem. Smoking with a semi-developed lungs, on the other hand .. That's probably an extremely bad idea. As in, you could be risk group for COVID19 despite your age.

Is it colorful when I vaccinate though I smoke?