What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?

2021-09-06 23:02:39 MABLE

Logically, the ones that are not interested in such as gays etc.

I ask from curiosity


I would rather mean that the overall "picture" must vote for me. Of course, there are also certain instincts with pure, such as the lactation in the early childhood.

But I think that for heterosexual men, according to them, as attractive women as attractive women, as women are fascinating for them attractively prestigious men without having to respond to specific body parts, especially those that are usually distinguish between men and women.

Hey, so I would not go out of "fascination" but, in my opinion, breasts of women are simply attractive and that has been so attractive for centuries Men hold the respective body parts of a woman attractiveIV and therefore attractive.

Of course, there is always on the look and also e.g how they feel. Is different for every man.

LG Foxii


Honestly never really intensively thought about it, I can not really define. I like to get it to play with it, it's simply exciting, especially if the woman is being excited by feeling your reactions to the touches


I personally love your shape , The size of the nipples, how beautiful tender and soft they are and how they move. I do not have something like that and I'll never have in the form, so it's fascinated me.


breasts are beautiful and I want toTouch them, kissing, licking, dran sucking and careless and can not go to

What will your men find so fascinating to women's breasts?