Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for ex

2021-09-07 00:08:40 FRANKIE

If you are eg. The opinion is the abortion murder, or that a fetus should already be treated as a person, then the circumstances of his creation do not change it.


This is a really good question!

I have never understood why suddenly differences are made.

Unfortunately, or even condemnable Especially women with only planned wish children or men who can not come into this situation, the implication of an unintentionally pregnant woman and pregnancy cancel in themselves or occasionally divide in "right" and "wrong" reasons for abortion.

In a rape or medical indication, all good people suddenly understand - but why is this bodyfruit not worth protecting?

But woe, the procreation has also been fun, then it's free after the moth "Who too stupid tois also the consequences. "?"


As a pregnancy with all sorts of complications and risks, an unwanted birth with all sorts of complications and risks and an unwanted maternity is the hatched soup, the Frau complimented to punishment must spoon out.

Even if a woman without a desire for children doubles doubly and three times, it can go wrong. If this woman is abstinent to life until death?

Of course, everyone can have a pregnancy abort reject from ethical, moral or religious reasons.

I have any understanding of women who opt for a pregnancy crash for whatever reason.

I also understand your understanding of Malen, which also issue an unplanned or unwanted child. However,

However, I have no understanding of people who pretend to force their opinion to others or even judge or condemn the decision of a woman in a pregnancy conflictive situation.

All the best for you!


Do you? I would rather assume that most of them are generally against or for abortions.

Although it makes sense to reduce the hurdles in a pregnancy caused by rape, as it is unlikely that the victim is unlikely. But for the fetus, it obviously does not make any difference.

Then the circumstances of its emergence do not change it.

That would be at least a consequent action and for the hardliners is also rape no abortion reason. However, fortunately, we live in a liberal society that the woman also has significantly more decision-making rights in this regard.


Because the child would certainly have no good life if it arises in this way. Without father and without mother's love and during pregnancy, the woman certainly will not handle her body as carefully as normally.


So in my opinion Abortion is already a personal question One can not blank You can not do it generally or you can generally abort that is just too difficult ... Of course everyone has eachWeading a right to life but if a mother knows her own circumstances that no one knows no one knows the child then does not have to get this decision just so do so I think that you just can not blame that and yes in rape Okay that was not a consensual sex but some women still retain the children and some drive how they hold it everyone himself.

Some people just go out of themselves and probably do not even have ne If such a situation feels and then say something like that.

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Why do many people who are in principle against abortions are exceptions, for example. For rape?