Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?

2021-09-09 08:03:53 LYNETTE

Glass bottles Choose 57%

Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43%


actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer area, where you can refill yourself (with enough selection) I would fetch with glass bottle more often.

Unpleasant but the convenience prevents convenience actually to buy me more glass bottles.


Because that does not break that fast, I still use an empty bottle even because I'm cleaning tap water because I'm just drinking the water.



I would rather buy glass bottles. Only there is my drink what I like and fasT Always drink for several years only in plastic bottles. That's very stressful. I am also the bottle pushing on the machine very much on the sack.

Earlier a box ... down everything great: 10 minutes today every single bottle ...

of taste changes BZG. I do not want to talk plasticizers ...



You often get more and better stuff in plastic bottles, but better are glass bottles ...


Me I'm pretty sloppy with would break a glass bottle.

But I know that everything from a glass bottle tastes better.

Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?