Daily Choose 47% I am a woman Choose 26% Weekly Choose 11% Monthly Choose 5% Choose 5% Never choose 5% Adrian different. One to a maximum of three times a week, sometimes only once every two weeks. Dorothy Most MIN 1x on the Day
How often do you have an orgamus?
Hello, I have two problems and do not know and do not talk to someone talking about it. And I also exposed a trigger warning here. First: I was 2 days ago on a big birthday party where several people were. I came first and we were perfect. The rest of th
I feel so disgusting for rummages with a guy?
Rather good, I would say ... Choose 45% very changeable Currently ... Choose 36% Rather not good, I would say ... Choose 18% Janet IMGENTHIE I am different every three hours. I'm really in a good mood and time is with deadly boring. Diana Currently right
How are you currently?
Hey, Are teachers sad if they are bullied or generally offended by students? Are the sad or interested in it ?? LG Teachers are sad. CHOOSE 69% Other statement / opinion ... Choose 21% Teachers are not sad. CHOOSE 10% Cristina Even a teacher is of course
Are teachers sad when they are bullied?
Good day, I am a girl 20 years old. I'm 165cm tall and weigh 102 kg.I would definitely ask quite as you find that? Apart from health (I know that it is not so healthy and I just do not want to lose weight.) I just want to know what you think so :) Sonya
How do you find my bodytype?
Not that you hear in you special e.g. recorded No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Marlene How to take it. Lovely does not sound. But like that, as canceled with their face, I could prevent escalations in my voice (and my appearance) in conflict situations (on
Do you like your voice?
Hi I wanted to know if your bacon rolls on the stomach Me and my siblings have very little fat on the body (but we are also a very sporty family) I look forward to reply
Do you have bacon rolls?
Sex is one of many physical needs. Bad (m / f) Choose 50% I'm so someone (m / f) Choose 33% Good (m / w) Choose 17% Jennie Apart from that, the sex is not equal to sex, it does not mean anyway that the thoughts are free? So why should I condemn someone f
How do you think about people who are always thinking about sex?
We Germans are a potato volk. Several times a week choose 50% rarely choose 21% once a week choose 11% several times a month ago Choose 7% About once a month choose 4% Daily Choose 4% Never Choose 4% TRICIA Total different. Times are 5-7x the yoke Ewas w
How often do you eat potatoes?
I'm not sure if I'm too thin, normal weight or too fat? M15, 1.66m and 43kg. Can I tell me who? Jonathan You know that you have underweight, and really underweight. You will also see that in comparison to classmates themselves. Try the Rowing rudder and
Too thin, normal, or too thick?
No Choose 73% Yes Choose 27% Arlene Sporty defined is a must. This shows that you are disciplined and respected. However, it should not be too much. Since I am very sporty myself, my partner should be able to keep up. Dean No, that's not important to me.
Is it important to you if your partner is muscular?
So if I just like what you like? No Choose 59% Yes Choose 41% Carrie A woman who puts a lot of work into her body does not necessarily have to be arrogant. Clearly at first, it can work, but arrogance is a characteristic that does not necessarily have to
Are such women arrogant?
If you look at our denture, then we have no fangs literally and we have no claws, e.g. Lions. By the way, all of these carnivores have a much shorter intestine than us, so that the meat is digested quickly, and all the ENDE ENZYME in the gut as we. By th
Are people natural herbivores?
On a scale of 1-10? I personally appreciate me 5 or 6. 7-8 CHOOSE 29% 1-2 CHOOSE 21% 3-4 Choose 21% 9-10 Choose 21% 5-6 CHOOSE 8% Rose the lower the less nicely by the way. Winifred Hello, I'm not very self-confident, but I think that the other should ev
How attractive do you appreciate yourself?
I feel so funny since puberty started right. So since me hair with the legs, the intimate area and this beard grows on the face. I just hate you so much. My sex organ. Not because "he" is not long enough or something like that. That itches me a Sch ** SS
I hate my body ... What's going on?
Please save the Hate and any more disrespectful statements. I will not be able to prevent it, but I ask you. I just had an absolute collapse, it's me mega dirty and I just need to get me to bed. So virtually because I'm on vacation, just someone who comm
Can anyone bring me to bed?
In Germany? Yes ✅ Choose 59% No ❌ Choose 41% Do not Choose 0% Marc Premise: The legal status has no measurable influence on the dissemination of a substance. Drug consumption takes place. Premises: Drug use is always associated with risks, even under i
Legalize Cannabis?
Good afternoon everyone ♀️ I hope you all are well! So the following question: How do you find girls who can speak professionally? I want to Start to boxes, because I often have a lot of energy, and it would be the perfect way to toss me. And later if
How does your girl find the boxes?
Why is Islamic paradise so secular? With many palaces, villas for the faithful, virgins for the men, wine that does not drunk, beautiful gardens. Servants for the residents of the palaces. You also have a physical body. Why is the paradise so secular and
So your body, etc. Yes Choose 55% No Choose 45% Judy I think you find it nice if you think so if you address it, you will find it totally stupid and annoying. Make sense. I mean as if you are now appealing to you somehow say, OMG you're so Cute Cute Let'
Do you like women if you find them horny?