Hi To my person: I am male, 23, until recently had an involuntary single, who never managed to find a girlfriend, had already tens of attempts behind me Brought to find a woman and have recently been able to achieve my first success and am with a woman i
I (Unfortunately Incel) Find my girlfriend very unattractive, what to do?
Hello, I find myself fully ugly and if I am under humans, I always think that I'm just thinking that I'm totally ugly. What can I do? Sherman Is it on your body or your clothes style? If it is your own on your own, then you can do sports and change somet
Find me ugly what to do?
Here is a brief overview: Name: Disposal of the following group Racism Other skin colors, ethnicism Sexism Men V Women (Misogynie , Misandrie) Lookivism Ugly People V Beautiful People Eleismus mentally and / or physically disabled Homophobia Homosexuals
Which forms of discrimination do you use?
And fully the big head is still that I have a crooked attitude you can do something because, in part because even depression can be that I can hardly relationship Don Go to an orthopedist who tells you which exercises you can make to improve your posture
Hello, and although the following problem I find me somehow totally ugly (not so
Why do I feel ugly? I have never been told that I am ugly, but only that I am nice and apparently Mega look good. But still I feel ugly and yet Would you prefer to look like other ... What is this? Lynne This is normal. Many people who are pretty feel ug
Why do I feel ugly?
PS: Thanks in advance;) Tomas find relatively average. With other hairstyle and less weight, you could look really good Marian They are not ugly ... what people feel as beauty makes for the most part symmetry and proportion ... if that fits the most peop
Am I ugly?
because of the utopian demands of women choose 32% because of feminism choose 21% Because I am ugly choose 21% Because I'm not valued by women Choose 11% because of other choose 11% because of the strong self-determination of women Choose 5% because of t
Why are you an Incel?
I will in almost two months 18, am 1.67 m small and cradle 47 kg. I know that I'm underweight and believe me, if I could do something about it, I would do it, but so far nothing has brought something. But do you actually find it ugly if a girl is so unde
Do you find it ugly when a girl is underweight?
So where all are ugly. Would be a worthwhile business model. One could even build a monopoly position here. I am a chad and need something not choose 60% does not exist, but good idea Choose 40% Is there already. So she is called ... Choose 0% Corey That
Is there something like a datingapp for Incels?
Marta The first looks like you would look for food remnants between the teeth. The second looks better but the black fingernails destroy this again Jeffrey What does he draw for weird grimaces? That's what it looks like to run away. A normal look would b
Ugly or pretty?
Hey, Have a dance performance and find my hairstyle mega ugly what does she say? Super Choose 44% Mega ugly choose 38% goes as choose 19% Kelley It's all okay. Your hairstyle looks sporty. I wish you a lot of fun with your dance performance!
Mega ugly?
Hey, my right inner labia "hangs, is shrunt and bigger" than the left. My question is whether the men somehow find disgust or unaesthetic. I would be fear that if I had a friend that he would find the disgusting, for example, when oral transport or wheth
Do the men find unaesthetic?
Black Choose 64% Pink Choose 36% Paulette Hey, I would take the black mobil when it gets dirty it does not fall on. When the pink pile is dirty and it, then it is being washed, it usually looks dirty. Jason would both dive in gasoline, and burn. Looks bo
I would like to buy a new pencil case for the school, but can not rather choose
Are there any figurative types that just nothing is ?? Because I'm type bulb (narrow upper body, wide hip) and watch me all the clothes just looked out. I just did not find my style yet, or are there people who are just -so stupid as it sounds not for cl
Everything about me looks shit?
I have the problem that my legs swab. I find them crazy ugly. My butt beads disgusting when I sit and I have Cellulite. The problem: I eat myself well. I make sports daily (I actually do it in 2 clubs sports, but I train daily at home as long as there is
Wicked legs?
I find thin, blonde and big women pretty unattractive. Do you think so? What's the most beautiful? In your opinion, I am choose 64% I find beautiful choose 36% Sammy Thin blond and big I do not think. Better female curves, slightly smaller, at least smal
Do you think that's nice?
Hey, I wanted to know if I have a average face or rather a more conspicuous because my parents meant I would look boring. (Not meant evil) LG Wilma Why are your parents come on that you have a piercing face? You got the face of your mother more inherited
Do I face an average?
Self-assessment or hearing. 1 = Ugly 10 = Adonis 1 Ugly Choose 29% 6-7 CHOOSE 14% 9 CHOOSE 14% 4-5 CHOOSE 12% 8 Choose 12% 10 Adonis Choose 12% 2-3 CHOOSE 7% Tamara So, of course, there are things that disturb me but very honest ... one should just accep
Survey: How pretty or ugly do you feel?
Tim Everyone the Seine, I could not do that because I do not go out without taking a look into the mirror. And I also think so mirrors really makes sense, especially in the bathroom. I would hang it. Roman may be more meaningful to give you more self-con
Remove mirrors in the house so that you do not see how ugly you are - useful?