Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
Beer Nix Choose 75% 0.2 Choose 8% 1 liter choose 8% More than 2 liters of choose 4% Comes on Choose 4% 0.5 CHOOSE 0% 1-2 liters Choose 0% Rebecca Daily not at all, rather twice a week half a liter Irvin Do not drink alcohol daily. Quite rarely a cola bee
How many liters per day does your beer
Which Capri Sun is your favorite? Eunice I know Capri Sun only as a cherry or orange of earlier, but both do not specifically taste the candy Nichole Capri Sun Orange .... of Classic Daryl ... It's called Capri Sun Kristen My favorite Capri Sun is defini
Favorite Capri Sun?
Hey, Why does any drink taste fresher when drinking it on a glass container than if you drink it from ner can or ner plastic bottle / mug? Dan Plastic bottles consist of many chemical substances, which, for prolonged storage, transition into the drink ..
Why does something like glasses taste fresher?
Hello I had M / 16 yesterday the first time in my life a few Vodka Lemon drank, and was a bit drunk. Is that bad I will not grow anymore, or do I get other health problems? Marion Once it certainly does not hurt. But that should not be a habit. Lindsey A
Drunk a lot a lot?
From .. Stainless Steel Choose 43% Hard Plastic Choose 22% Glass Choose 17% Bamboo Choose 9% Silicone Choose 4% Other Material Choose 4% Paper Choose 0% Felix Well, I have so far only had straws from this material. Or just made of plastic when I drank ou
Which material do you prefer your straws?
How would you prepare a cup of chocolate milk? first the cocoa choose 45% first the milk choose 41% Other preparation Choose 9% Both simultaneously choose 5% Wilbert Shockolade, milk and spices come first into the pot Amber Cocoa, additional spices, milk
What comes first in the cup?
What else ... Choose 63% Cola. Choose 13% red wine. Choose 8% Beer. Choose 8% Sparkling wine. Choose 4% Fanta. Choose 4% white wine. Choose 0% ED Water (still)
If you were a drink, which would you be most likely?
Tastes what kind of variety takes you? MAG CHOOSE 30% Miscellaneous Choose 26% does not like
May your bubble tea
Why hot teasing lights. Tealights? I Mean ... they have nothing to do with tea Eric Good day, But, they have tuned with tea. Tealights have been made under pots to keep the tea warm. Previously, they saw them differently. But the purpose is the same. Gre
Why are teasing tealights?
Nobody died of a beer per day. Robin Because alcohol changes people, people join for themselves and their fellow human sorrow and damage. And when smoking, one hurts itself predominantly, both is not good one should be best both. Boyd Because alcohol The
Why do some people lean smoking and alcohol completely?
Zero, alcohol, coffee, cocoa, untucked drinks such as mineral water, teas, etc. Adrienne Most of the black tea and water. Sometimes coffee sometimes Schorle. Rodolfo Coca Cola Light, bubble, coffee and off to juice and a protein shake. Greeting Dayx19 Ho
What do you drink as most during the day?
Joe If, then "Red Bull Sugarfree". But usually I renounce, in respect for my health, on such drinks. I prefer a black, sugar-free Nespresso. Johanna Red Bull Sugarfree
What is your favorite Energy (brand and variety)?
Or is this only in Germany / EU states so that they have switched to paper. WHAT NEW NEW PORDUMED. Remaining stocks is certainly in Germany. Would that way, if such a group claims you protect the environment but continues to produce new elsewhere where n
Sells Capri Sun
So to all who also have a home. Alberto Good, have never had any problems with it. In the long run, it is also 100% cheaper than normal bottles and more sustainable:) Franklin I've been thinking about the purchase of such a device more often. Could not d
How do you find soda stream?
Clara Clear, but you should also be a bit careful, as sweeteners are generally pretty unhealthy Leslie Yes you can
Can one drink as much cola zero as a diabetic as you want because there is appar
I look at a football game. Which drink suits best? Cola Choose 36% Beer Choose 27% Radler / Alster Water Choose 27% Alcoholic beer Choose 9% FANTA CHOOSE 0% Emilio refreshed and relaxed. But a good beer is sometimes very horny Monique Cucumber water, as
Which drink fits best?
Primarily normal cola for the survey now. So, no Mezzo Mix, Pepsi Twist, Mate Cola, Dr. Pepper ... Only 7 answers are possible at GF.NET, therefore only a few popular. Coca-Cola Choose 43% Pepsi Cola Choose 23% I do not like COLA CHOOSE 17% Afri-Cola Cho
Best Cola?
What are that for balls, and what should you start with those who swallow? Or what? LG Adrian are mostly sweet and have a different taste than the rest of the tea. If you're crass you just swallow you down, or you can crush them / crush in mouth. Sherri
What are the balls in the Bubble Tea?
Wine Choose 27% Hard Alcohol Mixed Choose 23% Other Choose 23% Beer Choose 14% Hard Alcohol Choose 9% Sparkling Choose CHOOSE 5% Joshua At the time when I still drank alcohol, I gave myself and against a flooding. This is vodka with Red Bull
Best alcoholic drink?