Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here. Thank you in advance Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41% Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27% Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%
Hi, Corona has dramatically tightened the labor market. Unfortunately, there are not many places I can promote myself right now (including health / family reasons). Brief Additional Information: I would be next month in Alg 2 (Hartz IV) slides because my
Curriculum Vitae - Overqualified for the desired place, can I completely omit li
Hello dear community, My partner is currently under a serious situation. It is in psychiatric treatment, stationary. It's not the first time. During the time she is in treatment, we got a letter in which it is no longer health insured for 10.08.2021 . A
No longer health insurance because employer has changed the employment relations
Red red green will probably be the polls after, next month at power. Should RRG continue to increase the Hartz 4, so that one can live well, or should BGE be introduced directly? What would they prefer? None Choose 67% BGE should come choose 25% Hartz 4
When RRG comes to power, Hartz4 should rise or should BGE come?
Office Choose 55% Home Office Choose 27% Park Choose 18% Mailing Choose 0% Other selection / location ... Choose 0% Caroline My treasure has been working exclusively in the home office for 5 months. And I also work since the corona time and pregnancy or
From where are you working most and preferably?
Strike well and beautiful - but you can also exaggerate it. I would be interested in the general tenor using the example of the union of the train operators: Do you find that the union of the train operators exaggerates with their claims and their non-ex
Are the demands of the unions often coated?
Hello everybody, Actually, I did not want to ask a question about Corona. But One thing is very busy and about this question , hoping that some people have experiences in this regard and may help me. It's about that one goes Yes, as you all know, can rea
Question about Corona vaccine with e.g. Children's wishes?
... Estelle When I still worked I have 4 to 5 hours of Siftenaben, decades. That was enough with completely around my day rested and fit to attack. Today with 70 I sleep longer, 6 hours about. TINA completely different, mostly between 2 and 7 hours Rafae
How much hours are you sleeping under the weeks when you are at work?
Hey people I am a trafficked retailer and apply for a fixed job I got 120 hours a month for 30 hours (otherwise no other good conditions) € 1350 gross offered, the sum is justified or is it too little come from Hamburg Bertha The average beginner conten
Too little money or is that okay?
On the gross salary, the employer has to pay further taxes. Will a worker 2000 net pays the employer 4000 euros. Then trade tax, value added tax for the company are due and much more. But stop that is not enough, because every issue is further taxed. Lan
Why do we work 75% of our time for charges and taxes?
Often one says the cat is the true teacher of man. How did cats influence your childhood? Which teachings have gotten your cat? is Your cat overlooks you intellectually? How much did your cat influence your professional career? Has your cat get children
How much was your development influenced by your cat?
Max 9 years ago, 2,000 euros gross as a software developer in Bremen in one SME (training, no studies). Today it is just under 3,000 euros. Lamar I'm still azubi, but in my company, people with a specialist for application development training or an comp
How much did you get as an entry level after your education / studies?
Is the employer forcing one to vaccine? It came out a letter where there is one you have to vaccinate or you have to be tested every day and this time is not paid. Espy the employer then wants to distribute warning because the refusal of refusal when you
May the employer forcing a vaccine?
A colleague is on Hartz4 and would like to be on an island so that he has peace. He does not want to do much with people or crowds, wants to enjoy the silence etc. He chose the island of Neuwerk as a destination. It is located in the Wadden Sea, about 10
Can you pull with Hartz on an island?
For me it's working in a slaughterhouse, I would not do that for 10 k euro net and prefer to receive money from the office! Which jobs would you not do? Even if you would offer you 10 or 20 k euros a month? There is a job what I would not do no matter wh
Which jobs would you not do for money, no matter how much you would earn?
I'm absolutely no guy for something like that but I can not do that anymore and it's too stressful. The following situation on my work: from 8 employees are 2 on vacation and 5 sick I am the only one There is. I have on 01.09. terminated regarding traini
Excuse for not appear?
With us at work, we regularly have trial canbins in the form of people. These are also weched by us. Occasionally there are also pig-containing foods. One of your faith sisters (in this case Turkin) was commissioned to grab the subjects. This has denied
Question to Muslims (refusing to
Marlon I work as an educator in a kindergarten, there was a 2-year-old child registered for recording, which is then died shortly before by an accident. Also, a mother recently died, which was still very young and her child always brought into our group.
What was the most terrible event ever happened in your job?
Hello, I have a question, unfortunately I have found nothing to match my situation here. And am I vacation and am therefore not home. Now I have seen that I have emergency service (work in a practice, am apprentice & of age). I have to go to this layer,
Work, emergency service, holiday?
Whether private or work. Diane Yes, I think they are very elegant and pleasant. How also a book of Gotfried Keller says: "Dresses make people". That's 100% true. Just like acquired Goffmann's book: "We all games theater". There is also described how we h
Do you like to wear suits?