Can psychological diseases such as fearful and depressive fears, which are temporarily sinking the spiritual efficiency strongly? Kara Yes, that can happen before, but that is not a permanent state. Stress is, if possible, to limit. Also some medications
Why do I feel so stupid?
because of the utopian demands of women choose 32% because of feminism choose 21% Because I am ugly choose 21% Because I'm not valued by women Choose 11% because of other choose 11% because of the strong self-determination of women Choose 5% because of t
Why are you an Incel?
Today I have to provide a whole hundred meter long floor with 25 residents in the Altenheim. Now I have work and I'm totally exhausted. Lounger in bed and have no bock up. Is that normal? Did not even Bock me what to eat or take a shower. Jasmine You are
Totally exhausted after work?
Yes, because Choose 100% No, because Choose 0% George The beginning sounds something like "Eleanor Rigby" from the Beatles. And that was already the parade infall of a depri song. In the further course, we hear this typical rap-speed, which is quantified
Do you think that this song expresses depression?
Hello, I know someone who just can not go to school due to his mental illness and would rather work. Would he have a chance for a training place? Personally, I find very a pity because he did not fall up to the head, can be well articulated and by no way
Is there any jobs that do not ask?
The Karen Phenomenon In the US, the name Karen has established itself for humans with high conflict potential and asocial behavior. (meaning with Karen is a specific pattern of behavior. people named Karen) The patterns of a Karen are conspicuous stereot
Is the Karen phenomenon an ICD 10 fault?
Hello I'm 15 and have decided to write some poems. The first is about a father who is ill for the separation of his wife's mentally ill and "certain needs" exercises with his little daughter. I know that's a heavy topic and nobody should feel attacked. I
These are my first two poems, what do you think about it?
I have completed two years of training. In the social area. After the end of the second training last year in July, I could not start working. I had strong psychological problems that were untreated and trauma. Over the 5 years I had suicide attempts beh
Do you find the asocial and a reason to be ashamed that I have no work yet and w
Hey, I know I ask here very often but these here is especially important to me. Since April 2020, a social fear has been made for me. This manifests itself in which I'm afraid that it could suddenly be bad or I have to pass on. This makes me more likely
Mental illness since Corona?
How should I say my parents that I do not want to live anymore, I have the decision to die in the next few days but how should I say my parents? Omar There is no way as you can tell you without doing something about it. It's finally your parents Francisc
How to say my parents?
Moin, Mental diseases really exist, or is it just thought-out / exaggerated or for attention? Thank you Yes Choose 97% No Choose 3% What else Choose 0% Ruben They exist exactly like diabetes or cancer. Just because you can not see something, it does not
Do mental illness really exist?
First of all. I suffer from depression and a social phobia. So far so good. But that's not the real problem. Rather the fact that due to family problems like manipulation by my mother, I'm so confused and messed up that I do not know about the top and bo
Can I leave myself sick?