So if I'm alone at home, I only run around in jogging clothes, have the TV and always look in between Sometimes I'll turn something up and run around in the living room, turn on the radio, dance around and sing with and do so as if I were talking to othe
What do you do if you are alone at home?
Somehow everything feels like in a dream. Only unreal. I was alone for a long time and then I have also read a lot to solipism. (So ​​that one is the only person) Now I'm really even more scared. How do I get the sick feeling again and how do I get awa
My life does not feel real?
No Choose 90% Yes ridiculous Choose 10% Patricia No, on the contrary. It is funny to try out people instead of thoroughly learning to get to know and then to marry if it has found it's the right partner or just Continue to search. Natalie No, let the tim
Is it funny to have 26 no girlfriend?
Hey is M16 and are interested in the topic because I'm always when I'm alone at home always naked up to half-naked. How is it with you? also with age and gender answers Thanks attracted to his choose 45% naked Choose 34% Half-naked Choose 21% Annie Tie (
What do you like more if you have been at home since?
So my question is which methods you recommend in female masturbation Antoinette None of which you have to buy (vibrator or something) Elijah Cushion riding, shower head, clit rubbing, fingering, dildo replacement, Joa you are already Family Donnie There
How do you best satisfy yourself as a girl?
For me, everything is too stressful and would like to live my life alone. Is it normal? I am an introverted person. Vicki For me, everything is too stressful and would like to live alone for my life. If you are happy, it's great. What others think about
Spend all life alone?
Good evening, My thoughts so late in the evening let me find me again. I just tell. I do not have any friends (I've broken off the company with my best friend for given reasons and the other friends are the typical "purpose-feedships"; ie for school thin
How do I find myself again?
How can I stop feeling lonely if I'm alone? I am relatively extroverted and actually have many contacts / friends, but my problem is that I'm totally funny and lonely if it is Let's say that no time has time and I have to deal with myself I just can not
Learning to be happy alone?
What can you do so if you have no friends and so? Meghan Bicycle ride or scooter, day tour to a lake and borrow a rowboat or kayak, looking for interesting books in the library, exhibition, another city, order pizza, to order in a park Set, couple days h
No friends?
Hello, I have been alone since March. Since December, my employment contract has expired, besides, I have no friends, because I was fooled by those. My family lives in another country, on March I visited my brother in France and since then had an online
Since March alone?
I do not have anyone and have no problem with. I can also imagine living a lifetime without a relationship and be happy with it. But is that the right way? What do you mean? Roman Hello Waldmensch22222, What is the right way for you, only you can decide
Can you also be happy alone?
Hi, I'll explain what's going on. I've always been quieter and shy and have really been friends in elementary school. Now (in The 9th grade) I've been having a problem for a while to build proper friendships (among other things, because I just have littl
Find friends, be less alone, help?
What are your advantages to be on the single? Karla None of anyone to make an account of if the night was a little longer because you simply plaid. Nobody to be jealous. Disadvantages: Nobody (apart from the solzial networks with the Ghostfriends) with w
Benefits to the single :)?
Hi people maybe you have tips against loneliness? I am very alone today, nobody has contacted me, I was for a quick walking alone but the feeling of loneliness is still in me and I do not know what I really should do. Bin 17 Myra Write a few friends or s
Hello, I (W17) Go to a new school since this school year (FOS, 11th grade) and somehow the feeling that my class bound me out. first one "Small" prehistory :) I was rather the outsider from the beginning. I am different than the others. I do not smoke, d
Excluded from class?
So I have always been different from different. I've always felt like an alien haha, but then started to compare myself in the youth to compare me with others and to be others and be as "cool" or whatever as the. This compares is in the long run but the
Adapt to society or go through his own thing?
Hello dear community, If you break our whole thing a time, you are not actually completely putting on yourself? I had some "friends", who turned into the end as the opposite & had to leave me very close, sometimes young people who were very close to the
Actually one is alone?
Hey, I am in advance 18 years in a month 19. My parents live since I'm 10 I'm separated because my mother has risen several times and my father does not want to know anything about me. So I live with my mother but for 2 years a friend who constantly beat
Is it the right thing to take off?
My mother has a friend who is very nice. His son and my little brother, with whom I usually have 24/7 fun, have become best friends and spend all the time together. My mother is great with her boyfriend. Although I am glad for you that you finally have f
My mother has a friend, feel alone and left ..?