Hey community! There are so many comfortable garments that you prefer never want to take off again. What is your favorite? Incidentally, the question refers to tops. LG LenydiaMango
Clothing: Which is the most comfortable for you?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
to around hips and Po choose 78% Like Choose 22% Pink Taste matter. There are certainly people who find the beautiful, but others do not. Michelle La Bomba
Do you like this figure?
(I ask for interest in which people think about it) Jean The outfit would have a background of more in contrast being better fit. In addition, this groove botheres in the ground and generally the picture is photographed diagonally. Otherwise, like others
What do you think if you see the picture?
I my so comfortable pants is logical But otherwise? Gregory When I had another job in which I had to wear a suit, it was still the case that I had more or less separate divisions in the wardrobe for home and work, but now Renne I privately as in the prof
Are you wearing other clothes at home?
Why do old people and teachers have such a problem with sweatpants, especially what does it matter to what others wear as if they inflict mental damage and then always the same from speech that is a sign of disrespect for bla bla Colin other customs. Man
Jogging pants and old people?
No (justification) Choose 83% Yes (Justification) Choose 17% Sam Only sometimes when there is something nice. I like to go more about lifers or fashion houses with brands that it often often gives Sales I do not find the quality very well and if at H & M
Do you like to buy clothes in H and M?
A friend of mine sleeps without clothes and I can not make friends with the thought. How do you see that? Kerry I count in underwear to wear sleeping to clothes. Otis I think everyone should decide for themselves as he sleeps and what garments he has or
Sleep her with clothes or without?
Yes, a size more choose 47% No, I'm taking my size choose 37% Yes, two sizes more choose 5% No, I'm wearing One size small choose 5% Other choose 5% TRACY I hate oversize and too big clothes. The likelihood of losing more weight over time to take more we
Do you like to wear oversized?
Hello, In my home, I have the experience that casual clothes and casual clothes did not like to be seen and you had to expect to consider as a municipal council, etc. with one time as dubious, they showed themselves sometimes in looser (but clean, well-k
Why was formal clothes so important?
That clothes is a matter of taste, is clear, but if someone looks extremely thick through clothes, and actually not thick, would you tell the person who leave them completely? or would you discreet? Do not give information, which instead look great? Rami
Would you be careful not to say that your clothes is unfavorable and suggest wha
A boy from my class is actually a very spit-dressed nerdical type. Nice and helpful while, but shy and completely gray mouse. Today I met him in the city and almost not recognized. He wore short sports pants and upper body naked. So he never rarely attra
A boy suddenly changes his complete external extreme completely different style,
Would be glad about opinions. (Image springs from an online shop) Jessica looks serious and complacent from the colors, but I would not wear it with 31. This combination of cardigan, jeans and shirt looks very old-fashioned and conservative. Not that as
Outfit for man early 20 good?
Moin, I was on a class trip 3 years ago. My class teachers have determined what we should attract. For example, the boys were not allowed to carry jogging pants, or the girls have no bright red lipstick. We were also forbidden to wear a short pair of pan
Can teachers decide what students wear on the class trip?
What would you recommend to help me wear outside. M / 13 and slim Mindy Sweater Dress or T-Shirt Dress. These are combined with a long pant or skirt of choice. Long jeans rock. If leggings: there is a short pant or rock over it. Kristine A leggings and a
Girl clothes wear outside?
Hello I work as a waiter and we have to wear a white shirt and a long pants. Since I have only a long-sleeved white shirt, I wanted to ask if that would not be too warm because it will be warm today to 29 degrees? And people would all stare me: / I work
Tighten white shirt at almost 30 degrees?
I hope I could cover some interests spectra. Music / Movies / Series / Video Games Choose 41% sth. Other choose 17% Celebrate / Drug Choose 17% Fitness / Sport Choose 11% Education Choose 7% Cars Choose 4% Collect. Choose 2% Devin Music is already very g
What is your passion?
Yes and I already do CHOOSE 53% Yes I would make the opportunity. CHOOSE 34% Only if I have a financial emergency Choose 6% Only if it is a very nice garment is Choose 3% Never choose 3% Only for a costume Choose 0% No I have to try it and found not good
Would you wear Second hand?
Hey together, I have a question, even more of the girls. And I would like to raise a few women's clothes but fear of comic looks etc. So how would you react when a boy in the girls department looks like clothes incl. Underwear? Marlon If you are struggli
As a boy in girls department?
Jamie But is fully clear, especially the sneakers are worst horny! SO RUM! Cory at a three-year-old If it comes to question as a rompers ... :) Hannah female Sporty Juan SeeEehr CRINGEL Cecil Strangely questionable
How would you find the outfit in a boy?