Hey, I am 21 years old and gay, and even if it is unusual, I stand on older ones. I have already since I am 18 a solid friend of today 55. I already know him for some time and he is also a super dear and decent guy. He supports me with everything and is
What do you think about my idea to others?
Hey I am 12 and finally wants to others. Also for my soul just to have no more secrets. The problem is my parents and My sister is a bit homophobo. That's why I saw I saw anything else? My parents will arrive otherwise: That's a phase, you're only 12, yo
As lesbian others, how?
I am heterosexual, so I personally have no experiences in this regard. In the answers your sexuality does not matter, the main thing, it is your own experiences. Velma "I have no desire to be male or female" -> thing was done. In my Insta-Bio stands "He
How was your outing? How did your environment react? How did you get yourself? D
Would I want to intention to what you think. Fortunately, fortunate a ousting regarding another sexuality would only respond a few repellent, but trans * is there a completely different topic. Howard If something is at the age, but would definitely suppo
How would you react if your child would become a transgender out?
You can specify your age and / or your sexual / romantic orientation or your gender :) I am gender fluid, panromantic and asexual and at least my parents and friends. But I only tell them the terms if they ask for them, and only correct them if they addr
To all LGBTQ + members: Did you give you (so far) somewhere?
So I'm Gender Fluid or Noninary I'm not sure Haha and would rather want to be addressed by the name Skylar (Sky) as with my Deadname (birth name) How could I best say of my class ? Everett Simply clear out, a friend of mine (transgender) did not even dar
Name Outing?
That's not anyone, except the family, what. Beverly Good day, You can etch yourself as gay, lesbian etc. You can be a guy, but feel that you should have been born as a girl, or you may feel the opposite. These are just a few of the many types of sexualit
Why are people who are the z. B. are gay?
I'm lesbian, my mother cared with a cake she has taken it quite loose but my dad makes everything a drama burned my pride flag and gets over any trifle ... .. How should I tell him I Mean I'm afraid my Mom Weis himself does not react like my dad and my c
Hate because of LGBTQ + and like Outen with my dad?
How do I best (in front of my friends and my family)? Not, because Choose 75% So you do it best ........ ... Choose 25% Angelo First of all, you do not have to be out. One is not as a straight but if you feel so better, you can do that of course. I did t
I have now reached a point where I do not know anymore. I always thought it's just a phase and go over again. I (W24) I realized the first time with 20 that I find women pretty good. By the meantime I can hardly fight. I've never been really happy with m
Outing absolutely necessary?
So my friend comes to me in a month (he is in Nem Hotel) and I wanted to introduce him to my parents but I would also have to be Outen at the same time he is 19 and I 14 and I would like to react like my parents Sherry Your parents will be mad at you bec
As with parents out?
M / 14 would really like me as soon as possible with my sister 23. It also stresses me very much since I would like to be able to talk about my sexuality but always if I have the courage to others and then near my sister then the courage is in zero comma
Outing with my sister via whatsapp?
Hi, I already know relatively long that I am gay and would like to outtake with my parents. I'm lucky, my parents are null homophobic and would support me immediately. They even wonder why you have to come out! But still I do not know how to do it. Thank
How can I offer myself with my parents (more detail below)?
Question is not just parents, but it is a theoretical question, so in general, if your children would have been Heidi I do not care. Would tell him / her that I will definitely support him / she in any case and that the sexuality changes absolutely nothi
What would you do if your son / daughter would come to you as a gay / lesbian?
TED Safety I would have to understand him / her that nothing changes to his / her reputation! For the person, the coming-out is an important step to give up a secret double life so far and hopefully to live more relaxed. I would continue to assure the pe
How would you react if someone exists out of your environment as something diffe
Imagine the person with which you are together, you would have to entrust you one day that he / she is pedophile. So feel sexually attracted to children before puberty (but also to you!). He / she only has fantasies and of course does not do anything imm
What if your partner would be Outer than pedophile?
Recently, with a girlfriend, a little discussion had a little discussion, whether one is really out, if one does not label himself, so related to the sexuality. She meant yes, but one assigns no sexuality directly. What do you think, are you still outsid
Do not you look like if you are not labeling?
Hello, I Hot Rose and I'm 12 years old. Currently, I'm almost sure that I'm bi, if not lesbian. My biggest questions are currently: 1. Can I already come up with 12 outs, or is most of them only a Phase 2. Do you think my friends, will not believe me? Wh
Outing with 12, is that?
LGBTQIA + is a collective name for lesbian, Gay, Bi-, Trans, Queer, Inter Asexual, and others that do not comply with gender and sexuality. Question is just for those who have classes. No choose 50% More than two choose 27% 1 Choose 9% other choose 9% 2
How many in your class are open LGBTQIA +?
Hi! I am transgender (FTM), but not yet touted. However, I would like to do it, because it is no longer bearable. In addition, it is always very bad for me because I am perceived as a girl. I had made me to do this on Wednesday, so tomorrow, with my scho
At school psychologist Outen?