Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Media report: The EU is ready for cooperation with the Taliban - but under conditions the foreign ministers have set at a meeting. A chance for cooperation could offer the money not of the Islamists. [...] The Taliban are urgently relied on grants to kee
Why does the EU have to negotiate with the Taliban?
Headlines such as "Resistance fighters, the militant-Islamist Taliban tried to penetrate the Afghan Province of Panjshir." or "When attacking the radical Islamic Hamas, several civilians were injured ..." or "The controversial policy of the." will not be
How to manipulative are our news?
An American intelligence report describes the Syrian opposition as follows: "The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al-Kaeda in Iraq, later Isis] are the driving forces behind the uprising in Syria ... AQI UN assisted the Syrian opposition from t
Why did you always talk about rebels in the Syrian opposition in Western media a
Besides are terrorist groups for Islam. The group worse than the other. The IS has completely stamped its own population as incredulous. Each of their opinion is not accepted is unbelieving and must be cleaned by the earth. Taliban deliberately fight aga
What are the Taliban and the IS?
The West prevailed for democratization: Western mythology is based on the idea of ​​the imperial privilege. She asks: What do we have to do when it comes to the problems of another Vol Kes. This is an approach that is based neither on international law
Does the West have the right people in other countries to write their way of lif
The same applies to NATO heads of government declare that President Assad has lost, any legitimacy ', although an internal NATO report estimates that 70% of Syrians support the President, 20% of them neutral to him, and 10% of the Rebels support the. (WO
Why do you assert in the west, the Syrian President Assad is a dictator, althoug
The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said 2013: "I will tell you something. I was two years before the start of violence in Syria because of other talks in England. During my stay there I met with British lace officials who expressed me to pre
Did the West planned the war in Syria from the beginning?
Yes Choose 75% No Choose 25% Alfonso Let's say it. Many take a human-created font too serious and commit unimaginable things. Radicalization is not the wrong valley but the wrong trust of the caregiver and or the persistence of the person. Alan Yes and N
Do you think the people do the Islam wrong and radicalize?
Why do people put the religion about the family? I read and hear more if people from the family change the religion that will violate the family who wants to have nothing more with them and they do not want to do anything heir. Why do people think so? I
Why do people put the religion about the family?
States such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are well positioned militarily. Egypt is already involved in the fight against Islamism in Libya. In addition, individual states participated in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Woul
Why are the Islamic states do not send troops to Afghanistan in the fight agains
Media Report: Since the weekend, the Taliban have taken power in Afghanistan. Only in 150 kilometers northeast of Kabul Pandschir valley forms resistance. There, the refugee Vice President of the Ghani government, Amrullah Saleh, and the former Defense M
Does the resistance in Afghanistan have a chance against the Taliban?
Tilo Young and other religious ancologists (of course only when it comes to Islam understands itself!) Have recently criticized the reporting on the Taliban injury in recent times that in connection with these and again of "Islamists" Be speech. This wou
Taliban Barbare: According to Neo Orientalists No Real Islam?
There is a difference Choose 63% There is no difference Choose 25% Anders Choose 13% Anna It is the name that was changed and of course the opponent had changed, only the fighters were still in the generation sequence, the same remained. Andre The Mudsch
Afghanistan: Where is the difference between the Taliban and the Mudschaheddin?
Media report: Afghanistan's King Mohammed Sahir Shah (1914-2007), which was in office from 1933 to 1973, promoted women's rights. In 1959, the compulsion was abolished for wearing Chador and veil. In 1963, women received the right to vote. [...] In 1973,
How did Atatürk, the Shah of Persia or King of Afghanistan managed to modernize
According to the current situation, the bare hate and racism to atheist, Christians, left, Jews, and generally the West in some platforms in my opinion no more. Often behind these profiles, many Muslims, which mainly live in Europe. It is strange that I
Why are there some Muslims rushing against the West, but say nothing about Musli
My Turkish friend, with whom I spoke yesterday, is a great proponent of the Ottoman Empire. He has already criticized the conditions in individual countries in the past, for example Saudi Arabia, which is totally Unislamic. He said: I always take the leg
Would a calipat solve today's problems in the Islamic world?
What is it and what does she say? Grady An archaic affair that is incompatible with our values. Otis That is when the rules of Islam become worldly law. And it says, for example, the people who dare to be born as Mus
What is the Sharia?
My fear is that that Siedas take complete land and come to other terrorist slopes where people will die. I'm 16 and Muslim. I detests political Islamism about everything. Sue Hello Cutboy256, I think the Afghanistan use was a big mistake. Although there
What do you think of the Taliban and get these wins in Afghanistan?
Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country. There are a wide variety of ethnic groups, but they are often found in neighboring states. For example, Tajiken live in Afghanistan in direct neighborhood to Tajikistan. It does not fit in all ethnic groups, which i
Why is not the Afghan state dissolved?