Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Are the Taliban and Iran refine or do you have a good relationship? Can the Taliban be a danger to Iran? Joan Iran and Afghanistan have a common limit, but does not cooperate. Here everyone has to do with themselves and thus they will go out of their way
Taliban and Iran?
They were criticized because they have severely violated a border police. Gaza has been bombed. Comirantly interested in the dozens of injured Palestinians (including children) Nobody. But what do you think, how would they have to react when they are sho
How did the Palestinians have to react to Gaza, when they were shot on them?
Media report: Only days after a deadly drone attack on an oil tanker, Iran is now also responsible for a possible ship's removal in the Gulf of Oman. [...] last one week ago, a Briton and the Romanian captain had been killed at a drone attack on the oil
Are the US and Israel plan a war against Iran?
Do you think that it will soon be craughter in Turkey? The citizens are ruined against each other, the number of refugees comprises soon 10% of the Turkish population, they could rebel. On the other hand, the Kurdish terrorist organization, Erdoan's para
Turkey ends like Syria?
Why is Erdoan poorly portrayed in the media, although it follows mainly the instructions of the USA and NATO? US and NATO say marshes in Syria, he makes it. They say Stationing troops in Afghanistan and take millions of refugees, he makes it. I am even s
Why is Turkey poorly portrayed, though ..?
Hi, I wonder why people from East Asia are cunning and people from the Middle East as rather true and uncompromising? Is it At the news that throw a bad picture on Muslims ?? We had faith wars, but we will not be perceived as aggressive. Is it so destruc
Why are the East Asians rather nice and Muslims?
What is the NATO seeking constantly in the Black Sea (even before this "exercise")? There are already constantly riots there and I do not want to imagine what happens when channel Istanbul dissolves the contract of Montreux and the NATO can station indef
World War II - Riots in the Black Sea?
In the 1950s Christians formed the majority in the country. Not today. Why is the proportion of Christians in the country as high compared to other Arab states, where partially only a few lives? Zachary Because Lebanon is a detention state for Christians
Why is Lebanon
Hello you, I w / 14 will be from a few guys from my class because of my religion (Judentum✡️) and origin (my mother half from Armenia & half from Israel, my father half from Argentina & Half from Israel) bullied (if you can say that). As you probably k
Wulled due to religion / Judaism and conflict between
The question does not only refer to the current events, but rather on the overall situation. What has Israel from that, for decades and probably, there will probably continue such incredible suffering and bloodshed - especially on the pages of the Palest
Why does Israel do not want a solution to the problem in the Gaza Strip? Why no
Either or! I think it is obvious why I question ... If you are per Palestine, you are not a Nazi and if you are For each Israel, you are nothing bad. Please do not argue / discuss with such a NIVEA (I'll just say to go safely). Please just under why: pol
Israel or Palestina?
The question is only directed to Southerners: Is a relationship with a southern country? Because it says that southern women are not feminist and be very faithful. They should be very decent and stand on men who like to take on the lead and hear / pay at
Is a relationship with a southern country worth?