Moin, Now no really interesting question But just wants to know what you just hear most. Whether artists, band, genre skin just out Israel I find older songs very well. Bruce Springsteen: Touver Than The Rest / The River Thom Pace: Maybe Sarah The song W
Which song does you like to hear?
Super Choose 43% Cute Choose 29% Neutral Choose 14% Not so mine Choose 14% terrible choose 0% The topic is really tasteless choose 0% Other response Choose 0% Harriet Cool Rythm and an important topic is picked up. Dustin Chillig
How do you find the song Pumped Up Kicks?
How important is music in life? Maybe make yourself which? Write also what makes music for you something important or why it gives more important to you. >> Music is for me ... ... enormously important Choose 82% ... already important choose 14% ... just
What does music mean?
Please have been so nasty It is his first song and he was skeptical if he should publish it or not: D I find the totally cute Brenda You have already released it here and I find that you can be proud of your performance, the video clip is also designed.
How do you find Tubbo's first song?
Search for such a song that often ran on the radio. Believe It was uploaded to Youtube in 2014. I can describe it as a party song where the refrain consists mainly of trumpet or saxophone. A woman sing it. I can imitate the sound of the trumpet or saxoph
What's the song's name?
Do you think you can hear this song in sexual intercourse with a hot woman who may also be satisfied in the riding position? The song is very well known and in Germany he was called millions of boys and girls, thank you. I ask for a friend who has said t
Can you hear this song in sex? (Ponny)?
No matter which genre writes which anti-war song / antimilitarist / pacific songs impress you most. Jeannie "A Lifetime of War" by Sabaton I find quite well. Sabaton is a Swedish Heavy Metal band that sings about military historical topics.
What are the most moving anti-war songs for you?
Hi! Am M / 13 and wanted to ask how her my voice finds. Please be honest! LG: D 10/10 CHOOSE 36% 7/10 CHOOSE 29% 9/10 CHOOSE 14% 8/10 CHOOSE 14% 6/10 CHOOSE 7% 5/10 CHOOSE 0% 4/10 or less choose
How is my voice (singing)?
Hello I wanted to ask what your favorite song is of ABBA, of course, can also be more than a song. Who likes to write with justification;) My top 10 songs are: The Winner Takes It All I Have a Dream Voulez-Vous Money Money Money Dancing Queen Super Troup
What is your favorite song from ABBA?
It is said that the music is bad, people can not sing. But if I hear the hits from then at the time, the songs of Modern Talking, which one knows so we are as good as very top. I think the extremely good. Have not heard it all too often, but it's all the
Why is 'Modern Talking' so unpopular?
Then she posts me :) IMPORTANT IMPORTANT I always find such musical numbers where the noise (or the sounds) were completely woven in the number. Of course, that is always a matter of taste, as such matters. But depending on how it was done, it may also l
Does your songs know the rock & pop music with noises?
I advise it is Mozart Stacey It is the piece of Haydn and is called the clock "The Clock", and that is a cut out of Final No. IV.
What's the name of this piece in the background?
I prefer to seek these.: ~ Thank you for suggestions! Silvia Tangerine Dream - "Song of the Whale - from Dusk ... (Part One)" ".. .To Dawn (Part Two) " Mark Andreas Venzenweider Roger Hodgson
Relaxing Lieder ~ Search?
JOP CHOOSE 69% N CHOOSE 31% Jaime I heard the first two times Blinding Lights and thought: Boah the song is so cool Today I have to puke when I hear the song :) Best regards Smiling Tiger Marguerite My music taste, even if he has changed greatly, has alw
Do you know it when you hear songs that you loved then and asks how to celebrate
Please write your songs that you like the most / hear thanks Sally A small selection of my current "favourites": Calvin Harris feat. Tom Garnan (by Your Side) Irama (Melodia Pribita) Surf Mesa (Loose My Mind) Imagine Dragons (Wrecked) Minelli ( Rampampam
Which songs do you celebrate at the moment?
Earnest You can give something positive to any musical direction. It just has to be the right song. For me, this would be "sugar in the coffee" by Erik New Year's Eve. Marguerite I like to hear Schlager very much. The singers and singers have beautiful v
Did your hit?
Have such a song stuck in my ear It's so annoyed for couple hours how I get it I have to listen to the music lol Jermaine Somehow that reminds me of a sequence of Spongebob .. XD can recommend you, listen to you again completely, do not wait for a long t
How do you get an earwig (music) away?
1. 2. 3. https: //
Which song can you find better from those?
Sounds good Choose 93% not my case Choose 7% You can hear CHOOSE 0% Mike Good day, It's very good. No, it's fantastic. A mutant among the songs. This song does not just sound fantastic, but is also one of the best and simple titles of the last centuries.
Opinion of this song (Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen)?
About which hit, which has done it to place 1 in the charts , you wonder the most? Hector Almost everything ... against 2009 or when that was I totally freaked because obey somehow only DJ tzi came on the radio and everyone I knew I wanted to hear ... Bi
What is the most impossible No.1 Hit?