No Choose 83% Yes Choose 17% Cassandra not certainly. Martha Feeled more Standstill Boyd That was good!
Is Angela Merkel as Chancellor (16 years) for progress in Germany?
Is not about me, but sometimes pure hypothetical: Is it morally reprehensible, a woman only with the clear intention to have data to have one day with her sex and nothing else with her Doing? Does it also go to collect sexual experiences at all and to pr
Is this morally reprehensible?
Twice inoculated choose 54% First of all, choose is 17% Let me vacate choose 15% Booster vaccine Choose 6% The whole thing is on the biscuit choose 6% once vaccinated choose 2% Cross vaccinated choose 0% Nicholas Only so I have the best possible vaccinat
Which Covid-19 vaccination variant is / was important to you?
A friend of mine was about 13 years with his girlfriend. I turned out in turn, although I even gradually learn the contexts in reverse order (am his best friend ). He and his partner (34) and met at the beginning of 20. At first, it was good, but over th
Man with little self-esteem tries to be an emotionally weak partner to be a stro
Today 20.10 is transferred to TV. Participants * are Annalena Baerbock, Armin Lashet and Olaf Scholz. Annalena Baerbock (B90 / Green) Choose 46% Olaf Scholz (SPD) Choose 40% Armin Laschet (CDU / CSU) Choose 14% Joanna If enough spectators are sufficient
Who will decide today's Bundestag election triple?
We had a buddy of my brother yesterday with us and he is a vegetarian. For dinner, there were fried noodles, with meat, but we made him a vegetarian version. He was eating while eating, but angry because we had meat, and he said that it would be a pretty
Is it normal for some vegetarians to feel provoked?
And why? What would you do there or want to experience again? 1980s. CHOOSE 56% 2000s. Choose 22% 1970s. Choose 11% 1960s. Choose 11% 1990s. Choose 0% 1950s. Choose 0% 1940s. Choose 0% Sean I would not beam there .... "Want to experience something again"
Suppose you could come to the past and then in the past, which of these decades
Olaf Scholz vs Annalena Baerbock Choose 43% A three-duel is better choose 24% No interest Choose 14% Armin Laschet vs Olaf Scholz Choose 10% Annalena Baerbock vs Armin Laschet Choose 10% Marshall With Lashing VS Scholz, two experienced politicians would
Which direct election campaign between the three Chancellor's Canditates * in wo
Let's assume that there is something absolutely like "all factors / information" Lance No, as it often goes about opinions and not about the present but the future. Even if all the factors should be known now, no one knows something in 2 Years, however,
Had people exactly the same opinion if they would know all the factors and infor
Salvador Who is haughty, is about others and mentions about them. But if the others realize that the supposedly high position was reached only by arrogance, breaks up and breaks After the group of admirers below. There was a fable where the lion as a kin
Why is arousone come before the case?
It's about a psychological experiment, how people deal with their privacy on the Internet. Someone wanted to look at the Private Instagram profile from person X, but had no chance to be added to the friends list. So a fake profile was created. With this
Why are people on the Internet in Fakes and give access to your accounts?
I'm 50 and remember, and to situations in which I felt injured. When I was about 11 years old, my mother got along that I had fallen in love with a boy and she answered "What is that free?". I was perplexed because I knew the word freer only in connectio
Did my mother wanted to hurt me with this comment?
It's not about me, I'm not bound. I know a man bound and secretly chats sex portals with other women. I asked him, what would be when his girlfriend would tell him that she also flirts with men, nudes sent or meets with others. He answered me that he wou
What's going on in a man who is active in sexport despite girlfriend, but sensit
My roommate (28) is not the brightest. She asks me at all about advice. I'm really driving through. Yesterday she screams so incredibly loudly I was totally scared, just because her little cabinet is overturned and her earrings have fallen down. Then she
How to deal with a person person? Help I turn through?
That would interest me. Which ambitious zoologically identifying animal lovers, can be da reindeer? But everyone else can write something like that. About Answers is looking forward to Timeoscillator :) Randal It is not a big difference for you. An anima
What do our animals actually think since they see us with masks?
Click the answer that suits you mostly :) My user behavior, I am ..... Rather, someone writing the answers Choose 77% The scales (FS + replies) Choose 13% Rather a quiet reader Choose 6% Rather, a questioner choose 2% Other choose 2% LEO I find questions
What is your user behavior here on GF.NET?
Yes Choose 63% No Choose 37% Luke Even if it's just in to shine about everything, and know everything better (if, bike chain) ... she did things that I liked less, but she has that Viewing and improving weight of Germany in Europe and the world, and we d
Do you think that Angela Merkel has made a successful policy in the almost 16 ye
Hi, I am 17 years old and feel quite adult. I live in a WG and only have little contact with my parents, because I have the longing to see them somehow not anymore. I just want to be independent and without them. I have the feeling I have less and less b
Is that normal that I sometimes buck and sometimes no buck on my parents with 17
I was for health reasons for 3 weeks in a cure and then 2 weeks on vacation. My colleague was when I was 3 weeks in cure, 3 weeks on vacation. Do not have to be represented by me, since I had completed my project before the cure. Besides her were 2 colle
Unfriendly reception by the colleague after my cure and holiday and react?
My mother, for example, if we hear music somewhere and comes to her and on her mobile music, so then two music is on. And she does not bother that at all. Isabel Whether it's about music played in the public or forcing annoying habits or forcing the impo
Why do some people just do not realize that they are the other totally nerves?