Nina Since wild boars are approached by car and truck, which are mostly quite loud, I suppose that nothing brings. Only all other living beings are annoyed by the music.
Does it help if you as cyclists against wild boars if you hear according to musi
Hi, are you lonely too? I'm M / 23, work as a cook. I get up in the morning at 9, make me a coffee & play until 2 pm, then I'm doing lunch & driving at 15:30 to work, work until 11pm & after work I do strength or endurance sports. I would like to drive b
Are you lonely?
Update: I did not want a dicule wheel against car. I do not want to do anything against "motorists", which annoys from legitimate reasons over cyclists. I talk about those who attack me. As a wheel / racing cyclist, I have to be full of thinking about wh
What do against aggressive motorists?
I bought a first aid set for the car I've always been there (hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, walking, school etc.) Would like to modify something now and throw out a few unnecessary things You do not need and add a few useful ones. Question goes to th
What is one of a first aid set?
I was cycling yesterday and drove on a four-meter-wide pedestrian and bike path. In front of me went a woman with her Belgian shepherd dog Gassi. To overtake the woman, I drove slowly with the greatest possible distance to her and then accelerated again.
Did I act properly?