Hello everybody, I have been sexually excited in an exaggerated way for several months. I have no partner and therefore I masturbate every day. Sometimes 5-7 times without a break in between. (I'm 19 years old) I can not control myself and I am aware tha
Masturbating, sex addiction, strong desire for masturbation?
How often does it masturbate several times a day choose 57% several times a week Choose 29% once a month Choose 14% once a day choose 0% Once every 2-3 days choose 0% Once per week Choose 0% A few times a month Choose 0% Cora less than once a month. I'm
Question to youthful girls?
or not. Or do you just keep this page back? Yes Choose 71% No Choose 29% Pamela is different from girl to girls, you can / should not be generalized and we humans are different, so you can say a snight exactly. However, I like to talk about something lik
Do girls like to talk about perverse things?
Hey Bin M / 15 You also have the problem that if you talk to someone about sex no matter if Woman or husband is that if you are lying in bed somehow horny and directly pleasure, self-confident KA have the stop often knows you even ? Russell Hey, Although
Quickly horny?
Hey did you ever think guys or maybe masturbated together with a friend? Toni We have often made that often and always had a lot of fun. So I can only recommend it;)
Masturbating with friend?
I have been caught neither the sex nor in the mufflery now, because I'm always careful. And what about you? Did you ever get caught and if yes by whom ? And what happened after that? How did you manage it? Meredith Earlier of the parents in morning sex,
Caught with sex or maturable?
I female 16 years old wants to satisfy me in the forest without someone bother me ........ anyone tips? Raymond Go to the forest looking for a somewhat more secluded cookie (so not exactly at the "dirt road" wherever people go through) and then let go. A
How do I satisfy myself unnoticed in the forest?
Hey is M16 and are interested in the topic because I'm always when I'm alone at home always naked up to half-naked. How is it with you? also with age and gender answers Thanks attracted to his choose 45% naked Choose 34% Half-naked Choose 21% Annie Tie (
What do you like more if you have been at home since?
Hello so is that normal? As soon as I touch myself I think you know what I mean .. I feel really disgusting .. and I do not know why but then I feel dirty and then listen to .. Is this one of you right? Do you get the way? Or is that always like that? PS
Is that normal if I masturbate myself?
Vivian For most, it is embarrassing to be caught in the public in masturbating. or at home at the parents. But somewhere is it nowhere embarrassing. Willie depends on Wem but normal everywhere Terry So I say, where is it more Schnorezepiegal. Wem is more
Where is the embarrassing to be caught in masturbating?
Hey I have a question again I can somehow make sex toys yourself and if yes like? Do you know what to take as a substitute for sex toys? Am Female and 14 Jacquelyn In the drugstore you can easily buy which. Costs between 15 -40 euros. If you are embarras
Can I?
Hi I already masturbated with friends and I've started again, that's still alright? Lisa Hello Tim2005ask, If you all voluntarily power and do your fun, does not speak anything against it, right?! I go from it That 2005 your year of birth is. So in the c
Masturbate with friends?
I would like to know what your most unusual places were where you have masturbated in youth? Rosa Do not get me often in other places but I already had sex with other men in different places. Bin male 17 and bi sexually swimming pool Sauna -Pool -im Park
What was your most unusual place on which have masturbated in the youth?
How old are you? Which gender do you have? Does your SB? How often do you do it? When do you have? Started with the SB? How are you? How do you do it? Where do you do it? Where are you injected? (When M, or Squirt at W) have ever been caught? Have you al
SB survey for boys and girls?
Is it ok if you visit a friend for a week to masturbate with him? I'm really horny the last days and do not know if I should ask alone or if I should ask him. Lowell If your friend wants that too? What speaks then? Darryl Ask rather undisturbed times bef
Why do I want to masturbate so much?
. Natalie best in a queer bar or a queer club. Most people there are either Queer, or me a friendly queer person there. Coronatechnically it looks quite good LG Stephen The best friend or dating app Joseph in a right-wing radical Nazi Group, where people
Where can you find best as girls lesbian girls?
I M13 Nearly 14 wanted to ask you what you want to mask yourself with friends So with the best friend or so that is somehow strange? Stop with a good friend. I think that's normal what you think you would do that or too strange. I wish you a nice evening
Tear masturbate opinion?
Hey me and my friends have thought that we could do what we could do, but since it will be pretty boring after a certain time I thought we could masturbate together because Why Not? I have always had? Bok on something like that but did not dare my friend
Masturbate with friends?
If yes: with whom? Where? How was it? What was the occasion? No, but I would like to do Choose 36% Yes, only a few times Choose 27% No, does not come in question CHOOSE 27 % Yes, always choose 9% Marcella So I'm gay and my circle of friends consists only
Have you already made SB in a group?
(I hope it does not come across now). I mastbiere almost every day 1-2 times and have heard that it is not healthy and wanted to ask if it is exploited when I stop now. Wesley Make it as often as you need it and is good. Especially in puberty, the pressu
Stop with mastubing?