With the hands choose 70% with sponge choose 30% Clarence Sponge has no meaning here, the cats would only disassemble and eat anyway and then you have to go back to the veterinarian Juana I will be with sponge and Washed hands. Some areas with sponge, ot
How does your body sit in, if you dust?
Yes Choose 72% No Choose 28% Barbara Yes I have happened to me. Since I had a heavy salmoneal poisoning, you have taken water or other drinks, then it came back to the back immediately. The whole thing took two weeks until it was good again. Guadalupe Ja
Have you ever made pants as a teenager or adult?
Yes, I brush my teeth twice a day. Yes, I occasionally use floss. Yes, I clean my tongue. Yes, I take mouth rinse. What is it? I do not see anything about the almonds, I always have some gum problems on both sides of the central molar of molars, it may b
Undouch, but where?
Hi. Small emergency! I am at the moment on class trip and now we are traveling in the city. I have separated from my group (actually we must be at least three), because I have happened to me. And I've done my pants ... o-o So what big ...... .. I'm alone
Class trip trip and in the pants?
Dear people, About 1 week ago I brought 2 cats, which are about 3 months old. Unfortunately, you always have stress diarrhea & make everything dirty at night, because during the day I wipe you before you make everything dirty. That's why I leave you sinc
Cats mowed at night?
Hey guys, it's pretty embarrassed to tell me something like that. Before I became 14 I never knew that you could already retire the foreskin so I've tried it and noticed that I have a narrowing, rather a light. I'm already under control. But since I had
Remove smegma?
Clean toilets! Choose 41% Clean windows! Choose 24% Vacuuming / wiping! Choose 18% Wrap cabinets! Choose 12% Computer refrigerator! Choose 6% Clean bath tub / shower! Choose 0% Miscellaneous: Choose 0% Guy So I do not do because I still live with my pare
Which housework do you prefer least?
(Work and School) do not count. Daily Choose 45% Multiple Daily Choose 20% Multiple Week Choose 15% 1x The Week Choose 10% Almost daily choose 5% every 2 weeks Choose 5% 1x per month Choose 0% Geneva except for appointments or school, etc. not at all. Un
How often are you from the house?
Hello, I'll be trimmed soon because I have problems with the foreskin, but for young years, I have been able to cut the desire. Why did I ever explain that? Desiree was the same with me, meanwhile I regret it very much, and would like to have my foreskin
Great desire to cut?
I'm 15 and do not know exactly how to rule down the bottom I always hear you should easily richully rich but if I'm honest, it does not have such an own fragrance not mufffig but not after anything. I am uncertain whether that is good or bad please call
I do not know if I smell well below?
Did you need you after the sport at school? We never did that. So as well, we then have the next hour, just no time. And no one of us Jemlas had the need to take a shower there. How was that with you? Roosevelt Hey, Jap. Either one has showered at home,
Showering at school?
Now I suddenly see that Influenza 2018 had an incidence value converted to an incidence of 331 (link). At Corona you are doing something with many smaller incidences. Why did not it have mask obligation at the time of influenza and such a stuff? Can some
Why did not you introduce similar measures against influenza as against Corona?
To all women / girls find their shaved armpits or unshaven armpits more attractive? shaves choose 69% UNSSED CHOOSE 15% No matter choose 15% Ignacio both women, as well as men, I find full armbuaring unattractive. At least it should be shimmed at the man
Shave armpit hair?
Hello, I go back to the swimming pool today after 2 years and actually want to go naked showers but since I was laughed in the shower of 2 15 year olds 2 years ago, as it is in most swimming pools only gives group showers. What should I still make naked
Scared, today in the swimming pool?
Yes Choose 100% No Choose 0% Alfredo Anyway, it was like that. Allegedly stainless steel and still rust. Something polished and he was gone. Nevertheless, annoying. Christine Already with flight grost, but not in higher-quality things but rather favorabl
Can rust arise with my stainless steel household appliances, even if I always dr
So with my friend much better because he lasts longer and I feel more intense (by the way also a bit) What do you mean? And why? Sex worse (W) CHOOSE 30% Sex better (m) Choose 28% Sex better (w) Choose 22% Sex worse (m) Choose 20% Jason In both camps the
Is sex better or worse when the partner is trimmed?
No, I never cream a choose 45% Jain, from time to time, I cream a choose 30% Yes Sure, you should always prepare yourself after showering choose 25% Alfred You should not shower yourself every day with a shower. Best in between on the other days only wit
Should you cream after every shower?
Find that always unpleasant, and can never kiss such women. Can only feel comfortable with virgins. Only what is that, it is washed, and so. Nevertheless, it is always heavily burdens, depending on the number of your liabilities. Heather Sounds for me af
Why does it make me so when a woman is no longer virgin?
Dana The diet affects the smell of sweat. Vegan diet neutralizes, for example, the smell. I say that as an anti vegan.
Why does my sweat smell differently?