Hey community! There are so many comfortable garments that you prefer never want to take off again. What is your favorite? Incidentally, the question refers to tops. LG LenydiaMango
Clothing: Which is the most comfortable for you?
Would be interested. No Choose 71% Sleep without pajamas Choose 21% Yes Choose 7% Hugh I did not even iron my suit shirts when I worked ... : D (C) OUCHII ISAAC I basically only sleep Nagger / Naggerd / Naggisch / Naked In this respect, I do not need to
Are you ironing your pajamas?
Blue Choose 78% Black Choose 22% Jasmine The Blue is a normal dress as you wear it, if you hold a dress .. The black would also be a normal dress if it would not be completely blended. Looks out when a skirt was pulled up under the chest. April At the to
Which dress can you find nice?
So that all guests are completely naked, but especially the bridal couple? Julian Hello Regina, In some report, I read that it's not just in theory - but also actually. Although I believe in remember - that was in the US. It would not be - but at least t
Nudist wedding - is that?
Hello everybody, I'm 23, was an Incel for years, because I could never find a friend, though that was my all the biggest wish. It was until recently a total exercise in women. Work on me now and develop myself in a positive and hopeful direction. I met a
How can I (Incel) best conclude with my girlfriend?
Heyo! Have a severe question for you;) How do you find my appearance? Bearable or rather bad? Link with picture Already thank you for your answers :) Neither nice nor ugly, normally just choose 57% Very nice choose 14% ugly than many other choose 14% bea
How do you find my appearance?
I my so comfortable pants is logical But otherwise? Gregory When I had another job in which I had to wear a suit, it was still the case that I had more or less separate divisions in the wardrobe for home and work, but now Renne I privately as in the prof
Are you wearing other clothes at home?
Hey! Must in Iz for vaccination next week. My question therefore: Do you have to take off the tshirt as a man or only highly crimping? or. how do you do this? Gustavo Simply ensure that the doctor can vaccinate on your arm. Depending on whether the T-shi
Undraw in vaccination?
Love people ... I ask for a modatschlag ... Here is a photo of me in the dress in a hotel lobby, as I last the last time ... Only Unfortunately of God I'm not satisfied with the shoes. They look too pale, something inappropriate. What do you think? And y
Which heels should I wear to my dress?
Why do old people and teachers have such a problem with sweatpants, especially what does it matter to what others wear as if they inflict mental damage and then always the same from speech that is a sign of disrespect for bla bla Colin other customs. Man
Jogging pants and old people?
Which brand is your Alta's shoes. NE other brand CHOOSE 46% Nike Choose 29% Adidas Choose 12% Vans Choose 7% CONVERSE CHOOSE 2% Noname / own brand CHOOSE 2% GEOX CHOOSE 0% Gerard In the sports area, I wear sneakers from Reebok. They have good models for
Which shoe brand do you wear?
Hello everybody, I would like to buy a latex suit but just like to try on and see if that really is what is for me and let me advise me. Can I do something in an erotic / sex shop? Maybe someone has experience or tips. Thank you Hubert Of course you can
Can you try in an erotic shop latex suits?
Somehow interested somehow what pants are announced here: D If you want you can still write your gender and / or age. Thank you for participating Jeans, long choose 29% Jogging pants, short choose 21% Jogging pants, long choose 18% Leggings Choose 14% Ot
Survey: What are you doing for a pant?
Yes, a size more choose 47% No, I'm taking my size choose 37% Yes, two sizes more choose 5% No, I'm wearing One size small choose 5% Other choose 5% TRACY I hate oversize and too big clothes. The likelihood of losing more weight over time to take more we
Do you like to wear oversized?
Hii. How and when did you start wearing thong? Did you also have problems explaining the parents and how to wear them theretas? Kristie Go to a store, buy, put on, done. If you do not want to say it, then you have to wash himself and iron himself. Miguel
How did you start?
Is it bad if you wear a bra as good as never and rarely a underpants? Victor I never have a slip in my free time. Always wear a cooking. Is a good feeling. Brendan Home No, but in the public one should be arranged correctly. Josefina Would I feel uncomfo
No underwear bad?
Is it bad if you wear things with a lot of cutting? It likes many guys but many girls do not like me Valerie I speak as a boy: Personally, this would disturb this because I'm not a buck on the sexual look. Personally, I do not feel like this but my sexua
Much neckline bad?
Whether private or work. Diane Yes, I think they are very elegant and pleasant. How also a book of Gotfried Keller says: "Dresses make people". That's 100% true. Just like acquired Goffmann's book: "We all games theater". There is also described how we h
Do you like to wear suits?
I am myself and probably les and me makes it totally when I see other girls in skirts or clothes. What is this? Who is it similar? Dora Presumably work for you the stimuli as well as you work for guys / men. The shorter the skirts, the sooner they swing
Why does it excite me if I see other girls in skirts or clothes?
Hello, In my home, I have the experience that casual clothes and casual clothes did not like to be seen and you had to expect to consider as a municipal council, etc. with one time as dubious, they showed themselves sometimes in looser (but clean, well-k
Why was formal clothes so important?