Why did I get him engraved? I mean my ex-boyfriend, he was perfect of appearance, very nice to me, tenderly in bed. But I was a doctor hole to him, then he's boned. Why did I do that? Vicki Hello Paltimor66, I can not answer you the question. "Perfect of
Why was I so stupid?
Guys What do you like to cuddle with a girl? Do you have a position that you prefer? Do you like it when the girl also lays on you when cuddling? How can I best show my friend that I love him very much?! Heidi Hey, Although a girl can tell you from exper
What do guys prefer to cuddle?
What are nice other words to say the first time "I love you"? How can you tell someone without having to directly speak the said three words ... Peggy Your body odor looks attractive to me and triggers a chemical reaction in my body so that this hormone
I love you?
Hey, I think a boy loves me ... But the problem with the whole thing is that he is very shy and has ever been very injured by a girl ... Besides, he is my best friend and I also meant him a lot, which is why he does not want to lose me ... That's really
Shy boy?
Hello first, I cuddled with a boy otherwise ... and he got an erection. I did not find that weird and I know that, especially at this age ( We are still a bit younger), is quite normal. But it was very uncomfortable. He did not talk about it, but I reali
Erection when cuddling?