Marlene He has allowed her to transfer German tax millions to the United States through Cum & Ex. See 75A4-4031-A9D7-68CA53C839F6 https://s
What does Olaf Scholz have to do with the Warburg Bank?
The chances of becoming Olaf Scholz (SPD) Chancellor are good. Karl Laudutbach (SPD) has already said in an interview that he would have interest to become a health minister. However, it is also unpopular with many, is often referred to and criticized as
Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health m
EDMUND 10000 people were interviewed. Jan Survey Jerome Insa- Opinion survey: Team Todenhfer is up to 9 percent. Every third, who knows Team Todenhfer, can basically imagine TT. The prestigious opinion research institute INSA has carried out a representa
How do you find that
Why was the 68 movement in Germany (the Germany still shaping today) close to the Chinese dictator Mao? It has known China led to the Stone Age. Jonathon That can only be considered, it was a rebellion against the existing establishment. More similaritie
Why was the 68 movement Mao near?
Red red green will probably be the polls after, next month at power. Should RRG continue to increase the Hartz 4, so that one can live well, or should BGE be introduced directly? What would they prefer? None Choose 67% BGE should come choose 25% Hartz 4
When RRG comes to power, Hartz4 should rise or should BGE come?
I have to introduce a party in PGW, namely the SPD, against my will. And working with two girls, against my will. I thought so that I could build it this way: Someone briefly presents the topics that treat the party. (Introduction) Someone presents their
How can I present an election program?
In the end, in my view, it makes no sense, as the SPD is currently responsible for the misery in the country, as they are in the Groko. Would be interesting to hear your opinions. Gladly also from SPD voters. Carol On the one hand, most people recognize
Why do many suddenly choose the SPD?
Consciously formulated, since yes all 3 are not popular. This is a truly emotional & complex topic, so I ask to stay objective and not provoke! Scholz Choose 50% Lashing Choose 29% Baerbock Choose 21% Lindsay I find all three to puke. But the Baerbock wo
Who is the smaller evil for you?
Today 20.10 is transferred to TV. Participants * are Annalena Baerbock, Armin Lashet and Olaf Scholz. Annalena Baerbock (B90 / Green) Choose 46% Olaf Scholz (SPD) Choose 40% Armin Laschet (CDU / CSU) Choose 14% Joanna If enough spectators are sufficient
Who will decide today's Bundestag election triple?
No Choose 60% Yes Choose 35% Time See Choose 5% Alexander Lashing fires just let out that he wants to weapons - and in the breast tone of conviction. Such a Hornoch * Baerbock and Scholz are chick but very neutral Ora My crosses are already planned. The
Are you looking at the Triple with Scholz, Baerbock and Lashing on RTL?
I do not watch the choose 43% Baerbock Choose 18% Scholz Choose 18% Lashing Choose 11% All Bad Choose 11 % All good choose 0% Casey So I like the content of Mrs. Berbock best. Lashing has neither pet soundness nor content for me. Even before, he never co
Which three of the triplet on RTL do you like so far best and why: Lashet, Baerb
If you choose? other sewing ... Choose 50% OLAF Scholz (SPD) Choose 25% Annalena Baerbock (the Greens) Choose 21 % Armin Laschet (Union CDU CSU) Choose 4% Janice I believe the spider at the angle of my ceiling would make a better work as Chancellor than
Chancellor's election, if you should make the decision?
Yes Choose 90% No, definitely not choose 5% I only choose against a party so really for a choose 5% Maybe Choose 0% Georgia It has to be something (and that I do not mean that we should continue to right, please do not choose the AFD !!) Change in our co
Want to choose in September?
SPD CHOOSE 53% CDU / CSU CHOOSE 13% AFD CHOOSE 13% Green Choose 13% FDP Choose 7% Left Choose 0% NPD CHOOSE 0% ELENA Consider that shape is much more popular than the other two and that the SPD is meanwhile lying in the surveys, according to Forsa in the
Which party is most likely to be the chancellor?
Especially related to political issues such as the vaccination. is different, depending on the situation choose 47% Yes, is not my problem, what others make choose 29% Yes, but have reservations of CHOOSE 18% Other response Choose 6% I'm not sure choose
Are you accepting the views and decisions of your fellow human beings?
I do not say Scholz and his policy. I say Lashet and his policy even less. I do not want to talk about the Annalena. None of the three is that I would say: yes, the man or the woman or diverse it has it and has earned my voice. Therefore, I choose the Ma
Am I a protest voter in that case?
I can give this survey results that currently do not believe in the news. A wise man said, "I Just believe the Statistics I Has self-fake ... " Which party will you choose this year? The green choose 24% AfD Choose 18% FDP CHOOSE 18% SPD CHOOSE 15% CSU /
Which party will you choose this year?
What do you think about the Scholz of the SPD and why is the grade at all in the election of the election? NIX I hold from the choose 52% I hold a lot from the choose 48% Christy or somewhere in between! Scholz is undoubtedly the best candidate that the
What do you think of the Scholz from the SPD?
Question is up. Baerbock owed with intention because:
Loading or Scholz?
Again and again, in the course of July, there were votes from the SPD that the Ministry of Interior (Seehofer CSU) and the Ministry of Defense should provide AKK (CDU) that the helpers in Afghanistan should all be flown out. Somehow little to nothing hap
Have CDU / CSU just fails or was that in Afghanistan intention?