Hello, I hope the question has the people who call themselves "normal" so ... what would your reaction see me (m / 13) and my friend (m / 14 and trans)? Preston Exception: You can say everything ... really everything .. Howard So I do not know if you are
Question to the Homophoben?
So a setting of sexually non-binarian persons, heterosexual people to hate in principle? Grady There is the term that he does not necessarily mean what you mean. See the 2 different items. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/heterophobia_ (aversion_Geemen_hete
Is there heterophobia?
Rolando I miss the day "Psychology". : -)) The homophobia not only covers the fear of being homosexual, but also the handling of homosexuals, whereby the typical homophobia usually is not understood as an anxiety disorder in the psycho-pathological sense
Why is there homophobia?
Heyy, I m / 14, bi, go to a high school in the eighth grade. We are 17 students, felt all guys are homophobic, whereas the girls accept that. That I am bi, only so about 2 people who accept that too. But the remaining guys from my class always say someth
Class is homophobic?
Very acual choose 89% rather not currently choose 5% not currently Choose 5% Current Choose 0% Bryan I do not know the correct definition of Cancel Culture, but it's about that, that opinions that do not meet the public elucidation of opinion belonged an
How Current Cancel Culture is currently?
Daisy The Pride Month is still important in my opinion. Because the LGBTQ + community also experiences discrimination in Germany. And the LGBTQ community is made of many people, more than one thinks. Examples of problems and discrimination in the communi
What is your opinion about the pride month?
The definition of normal is the somewhat of the standard, that is the majority. And the majority of people is heterosexual, that means it's logical to car homosexuality is abnormal. But that does not mean that you find homosexuality bad, negative or immo
Why is it homophobic if you call homosexuality as abnormal?
So I'm w / 19 and stay with a girlfriend hand in the city. We were made stupid but I wanted to ask what you should do when someone gets tangible and Z B tries to separate our hands from each other? display CHOOSE 83% Ignore Choose 17% Cecil If someone wa
Legal steps in homophobia?
So LesbiangAriansqueEnteraseXuel / aromatic And yes I know this question is already felt a million times I do not find good (+ justification) Choose 45% Find I well-accepted and support it choose 27% Self part of it Choose 27% Glen You have forgotten the
How do you see the topic LGBTQIA +?
Hey, I go to the eighth grade and have the problem that I've been in the class nen types the extremely homophobic. He brings sayings like: "Curning and burning all gays. Since I have LGBTQ Support I can not sit quietly there and ignore it. (I've already
Homophobic people in the class?
Hello, I wanted to ask if it's HIR Homophobe people do not give the LGBTQ +? If yes, please tell me why not or what speaks against it! Claudia Hello, This is my personal opinion and I like to convince myself from the opposite: Everyone should be and shou
Is there Hir Homophobe?
Has a certain double morale find me. Morris I suspect that the formulation of the rules has not been taken into account for special characters. All symbols were prohibited, which are used politically. That should be the same in school lessons. That's wha
Why does the UEFA actually advertise with PESPECT, however, it does not allow si
Naomi The exclusion procedure would have to be decided unanimously. This is only possible if Hungary is also true --- ---- Why should that exclude yourself? Get a lot of money for staying in it. Todd Never, because the EU is ruled by idiots. Mindy Orbans
When would you finally throw Hungary from the EU?
How deep should one have fallen as a person to want to banish the love of other people or want to exercise violence against them? Deanna Well, the word Homophob is used extremely inflationary and also persons against the head threw it no matter because t
How can you still be homophobe nowadays?
What is here .... yes ..... uhhm ... from the front. There are a few people, let's call: Football citizens, determine no, not in their city. Not even in your country, with which light a building is not impovered only on one night. Schizophrenic is hardly
I want to remove any colors from the EU. At the EM is that?
What are the reasons for your homophobia? Finally, this view contradicts any logic, as homosexuals damage anyone and their actions (except perhaps the ego of some people). Jamie The (ie the rejection of homosexuality; the term "homophobia" is an alber's
How do homophobic people justify their position?
Hi, My girlfriend and I ask homophobic people in social media but also in public Why they are homophobic. They always push it to religion or because it is not normal. We then continue to ask. Either they become aggressive, analysis with the same reason,
Why is you homophobic?
I wanted to know if there are really people who are seriously homophobic? Allso mean that the seriousness or is just boring, because actually a person can not be so stupid or? So how is it possible to be homophobic? That makes no sense in front and behin
Homophobic = stupid!?
Hi, I'm 12 and myself Hetero, but my best friend (15) is gay and leads a relationship with a boy (18). If we meet for three, we often go to the city, with you like to keep hands or often kiss in public, which personally does not do anything to me. I hone
Why are homosexual people despised?
Moin So my parents have nothing against gay, but they find LGBTQ + ridiculous and say that this whole gender stuff is also weak-minded ..... they can always make the other what they want as long as Do not want to prescribe my parents what they think or h
Are my parents homophobic?