In advance: I do not want to attack anyone with the question or so. If it is misunderstood in any way with suffering. To my above question: Is there a name when you want data as a CIS woman or non-binary person and only CIS women, do not speak transducer
How do you call that (sexuality)?
It does not always have to be individual responsibility: what could be done politically so that more people can have better sex? VERRA Increase the minimum wage. and the sun to make seem to seem. Sheri Nothing the policy should not be in sex life Mix the
What can politics make more and better sex?
Hello dear ones! I know this question has been asked thousand times but yes I want to do it again Haha What is your LGBTQIA? Positive, because ... (support it) choose 68% negative, because ... (homophobic) choose 21% neutral (to what extent?) Choose 12%
What about LGBTQIA?
I personally would be pretty shocked and would find the law bad. But on a long way, it would matter to me, because it does not affect me. I personally am heterosexual. And I generally do not fight against injustices. In Africa eg starving children and of
What would you actually do when homosexuality is illegal in Germany?
I really feel relatively well with my biological gender. I was born as a girl and that's okay for me. Sometimes I ask, but I'm rather non-binary or gender fluid. I feel like I said relatively well but I often think and for some time I'm not more sciing.
Sex identity, non-binary, gender fluid, cisgender?
God created man and woman, Ergo was the basic idea. If I'm not mistaken you are not positive in the Bible to other than heteros. Mable "LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?" Children had no place in paradise. Adam and Eva were created adult, and the f
Do LGBTQ people have no place in paradise?
Hello, I would like to get the opinion of an objective view on this way. The following text does not have to be read but I'll tell something about the history to better understand the topic. Short to me: I am 19 and now for 5 years as a woman-to-man tran
Opinious family opinion?
With justification please :) (Religion is no justification) Accept and support it Choose 36% Okay I accept it Choose 34% Do not want anything? Choose has 23% in no case Choose 6% Helen Acceptance and Support belong together, even if some denounce that. S
Opinion of LGBTQ +? How do you think?
Elizabeth No, though, the boys' love (pedophilia) in Greek culture was high. At that time, it was quite common that a man was a relationship that was both a mix of a teacher student and a sexual relationship Velma Yes, but only in our view. This classifi
Were all bi in the ancient Greece?
How do you best react to pastors, and pastors who never preached about sin? And do not pay attention to sins in today's world? Why are they so lukewarm, why are they doing no sermons more about it? Rather, they hang an LGBT rainbow flag to their church t
Pastor does not pay attention to sins?
Hey first The following is the problem: I am very much that I'm Nonbinary. I was born as a girl and accordingly also breasts. But I do not feel nonebinary neither as a girl nor as a boy. Since my chest simply bothers me accordingly, I wanted to get a bin
Where can I get a binder?
Media Report: Although one comes to jail for gay sex in Gaza, a queere party row feels the "Palestinian liberation" - and finishes cooperation with a Techno Club who stands to Israel. [...] In the Gaza Strip, same-sex sex can be punished between men with
How can it be that sometimes is a homosexual Pro Palestine?
What exactly does some people persist here on questions about LGBTQ +? is good, if someone wants to know more about it or is just about finding themselves and therefore asked them. Hazel Some users who vitement vehement against LGBTQ have themselves have
LGBTQ + questions?
I am heterosexual, so I personally have no experiences in this regard. In the answers your sexuality does not matter, the main thing, it is your own experiences. Velma "I have no desire to be male or female" -> thing was done. In my Insta-Bio stands "He
How was your outing? How did your environment react? How did you get yourself? D
by friends, parents, internet and schools Kristie The sooner, the better. Wisen is a good thing. Merle On average, gays at the age of 9, and lesbians aged 10 their sexual orientation: Gay Males Were, On Average , Aware of Same Sex Attraction at About Age
What do you think of Early Enlightenment General and About LGBTQIA + in particul
Would I want to intention to what you think. Fortunately, fortunate a ousting regarding another sexuality would only respond a few repellent, but trans * is there a completely different topic. Howard If something is at the age, but would definitely suppo
How would you react if your child would become a transgender out?
You can specify your age and / or your sexual / romantic orientation or your gender :) I am gender fluid, panromantic and asexual and at least my parents and friends. But I only tell them the terms if they ask for them, and only correct them if they addr
To all LGBTQ + members: Did you give you (so far) somewhere?
I know myself pretty well with LGBTQ + and all labels, but recently I came across this term and could not find a correct explanation on the Internet. Please only helpful answers and no ,, that does not exist "or," these whole labels are unnecessary ". Mi
What does Trixic mean?
Did your opinion be heard because the LGBTQ community is troubled by some black sheep. Did you have experiences with it yourself? Positive or negative? Do I support choose 53% I do not support choose 25% Is Latex Choose 22% BBQ? Choose 0% Mae Hello, Ever
What do you think about the topic of LGBTQ?
Courtney Because there are people who can prescribe. A rule that nobody holds is quickly forgotten. That's why the Islam only applies because so many of these foreign determination submit without thinking of them. Randy Since the tradition of homosexuali
Why is LGBTQ actually Haram?